How to lose weight in a short time: effective ways to quickly lose weight

The fair sex, in the race for a slender figure and a wasp waist, do not resort to any methods of losing weight. Of course, losing a couple of kilograms in a fairly short period of time is not very easy.

But, if you just want to strongly and set a goal, then this is possible. If you do not focus on physical activity, then you will have to lose weight, only with the help of diets, and even better, through proper nutrition.

The tips below will help you balance your diet and be selective in choosing only those foods that will help you in rapid weight loss. And all this - without exhausting diets and constant hunger.


Vegetable soup and its miraculous properties

This principle of nutrition can hardly be called a diet, but nevertheless it is considered such and it even has a name. The method consists in the use of vegetable soup with meat broth.

waist measurement during fast weight loss

Bonn soup is brewed - as it is called, on ready-made meat broth or freshly prepared. Various vegetables are added to it. Namely: cabbage (common cabbage, Savoy, cauliflower or broccoli), bell peppers, carrots, green peas, onions, tomatoes and more of any greens.

You can eat it any time you want. The process of losing weight, at the same time, is simple: the soup itself is very low in calories, therefore, with its consumption, there are practically no extra calories.

And to digest the soup, the body will also have to spend additional energy, which it will take from natural reserves in the form of fat. In addition to soup, you can eat fruits with a low glycemic index and once a day - lean boiled meat. For a week of such nutrition, it takes up to 8 kilograms of weight.

Basic methods and staple foods for fast fat loss

Effective weight loss requires an integrated approach. So, along with the right foods, there are basic methods that normalize metabolic processes and help burn fat.

apple for fast weight loss

These include:

  • products containing animal and vegetable protein (poultry, fish, eggs, soybeans, beans);
  • all low-carb vegetables and fruits (cabbage, cucumber, carrots, apples, grapefruits, oranges, unsweetened berries);
  • products containing calcium (milk, cottage cheese and all fermented milk products);
  • pineapple, because it contains bromelain as a powerful fat burner;
  • clean water - removes toxins, after the breakdown of body fat and excess fluid from the body.

It should also be reduced, and if possible, some foods should be excluded from the diet altogether. These include: flour products, confectionery, fried foods and smoked meats, fatty sauces and mayonnaise.

Important:do not overeat or overeat at night. Start the morning with a glass of clean water. Arrange fasting days, and if there are no contraindications, then fasting.

These recommendations should be taken as a rule and constantly guided by them. After a week of such food, you can quickly get in shape and lose from 3 to 5 kilograms, which is sometimes necessary before the holidays, and especially after them.

Which is better: fasting day or fasting?

At their core, both of these concepts are considered identical and are effective when you need to lose weight quickly. Of course, the first option is more gentle, it provides, albeit a small amount of food and only monoproducts, but still - food. But during fasting, there is a complete rejection of it, with the use of only liquid - pure water.

fasting day on fruits and kefir for quick weight loss

Undoubtedly, fasting is a stronger regulator of fat breakdown and in one day of its use, you can lose up to 1. 5 kg. However, unloading the body is also very effective, although it is thrown off much more slowly. But, at the same time, it can be used 2-3 times a week, without a threat to health, and fasting, even as a therapeutic one, no more than once. Therefore, the option here is already selected individually.

The way in which to lose extra pounds does not play a special role. The most important thing here is that it does not harm, but benefits. You should always lose weight wisely and without excessive fanaticism. Proper and moderate nutrition is the key to health and the path to success in the struggle for harmony and beauty.