Buckwheat diet - the finest hour

Buckwheat from ancient times was one of the most useful, common and delicious cereals. It includes vegetable protein and a list of trace elements necessary for the well-coordinated work of the body: phagopirin, rutin, coffee, procatechinic, chlorogenic, gallic acids, phenolic compounds. It is thanks to them that buckwheat is prescribed during edema of various etiologies, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diseases of the bile ducts and kidneys, as well as rheumatism and arthritis. But the main thing is that the buckwheat diet is useful for those who want to become slimmer and more beautiful.

Buckwheat diet from popular stars

A dietary diet based on the use of buckwheat as the main dish for quick weight loss, today exists in several versions. Each of them has its own duration, effectiveness and menu. The most popular are:

fruits can be added to the buckwheat diet
  • Buckwheat mono-diet - designed for both 3 days and a week. The diet consists exclusively of buckwheat porridge, green tea and purified non-carbonated mineral water. On average, 700 grams of excess weight go away per day. It is the toughest. Reviews and results of losing weight are not the best, since there is a rapid return of the lost kilograms.
  • Diet on buckwheat with kefir. Assumes the use, in addition to buckwheat porridge, low-fat kefir (no more than 1 liter per day). It is a more gentle, but no less effective option, designed for 7 days or 2 weeks. In the future, with strict adherence to the diet, you can lose 10 kg.
  • Buckwheat diet with milk. The daily diet includes buckwheat with milk, dried fruits and fruits. The most useful option, as it provides the body with most of the essential minerals and vitamins. Designed for 14 days with an efficiency of 7-8 kg.

In addition to the above features of each option separately, there are rules that must be adhered to in any case:

on a buckwheat diet, it is necessary to observe a drinking regimen
  1. During the day we drink from 1. 5 to 2 liters of clean water without gas. For a change, you can drink green tea.
  2. It is allowed to take food at any time, in any quantity, but no later than 18: 00 (or 4 hours before bedtime).
  3. We exclude spices, salt, sugar and sauces from the menu. You can use only dried or fresh herbs.
  4. Buckwheat porridge is best steamed in a saucepan or in a thermos. To do this, pour boiling water over the cereal, cover with a lid. If in a saucepan, then wrap it in towels and blankets, leaving it overnight, if in a thermos, then 45-60 minutes is enough. 500 gr. buckwheat accounts for about 1. 5 liters of water. Detailed recipes with video on steaming cereals can be found on the Internet.

The buckwheat food system from Pelageya is more varied, so the menu for it may differ. For example, half an hour before breakfast, it is recommended to drink a herbal decoction of goji berries, and eat porridge with dried apricots steamed overnight for breakfast. Dine with buckwheat porridge with 5-6 pcs. prunes and sesame seeds. Diversify dinner with buckwheat, milk and candied fruits.

Contraindications and disadvantages

The essence of each diet is a set of rules for eating food with certain restrictions related to food, their quantity, volume, as well as the intervals between meals. Most often, prohibitions for the body have their consequences.

The buckwheat diet is no exception, since it involves a decrease in the daily energy value of foods below the minimum level, namely, less than 1000 kcal. Naturally, due to this, the process of losing weight occurs, since the body begins to spend more than it receives, but this entails a number of troubles:

buckwheat diet has a positive effect on the general condition of the body
  1. Low calorie intake can cause general weakness, dizziness and headaches. The listed symptoms are a signal that a buckwheat diet is contraindicated for a person. One day is enough to find out, after which you should change the food system for quick weight loss.
  2. Due to the monotony of the diet, it is quite difficult to hold out for the set time on buckwheat porridge.
  3. Losing weight occurs quickly, which entails an increase in the likelihood of the "yo-yo" effect. It is very important to get out of the diet correctly.
  4. Poor diet and daily energy value can help lower blood pressure, exacerbate chronic diseases.

The transition to a temporary buckwheat food system is recommended exclusively for healthy people. Nutritionists are extremely against it being observed by pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with an active lifestyle and daily physical activity, diabetics, hypertensive patients, as well as people after operations on the abdominal organs.

Recommendations from leading nutritionists

To avoid negative consequences, nutritionists advise taking an additional multivitamin complex at home. This will help keep the body in a working condition.

you need to get out of the buckwheat diet correctly

You should not adhere to the buckwheat food system for more than 2 weeks, and if a person regularly begins to experience headaches and exhaustion, then in the morning on an empty stomach it is recommended to drink a glass of still water with lemon and a spoonful of honey (will saturate with energy).

Regarding the "yo-yo" effect, it is necessary to carefully and correctly exit the diet to eliminate it. To do this, you should completely forget about overeating + gradually introduce foods containing animal protein into the diet (for example, for breakfast, eat 1 hard-boiled egg with rye bread and low-fat cottage cheese, dine with buckwheat soup and dine with buckwheat porridge with milk). It is recommended to keep the amount of sweet and fatty foods to a minimum.

Whatever one may say, from a buckwheat diet, both benefits and harm remain for losing weight. It is quite simple and affordable, efficient and fast. But the opinion of doctors about her as a 2-week nutritional system remains negative. They advise using a buckwheat diet as fasting days, which will be more useful for cleansing the body. For weight loss, it is advised to observe it no more than once every 2 months.