12 best exercises to lose belly and sides

push-ups for slimming sides and abdomen

Getting the last few inches off your belly is always the hardest part. But you really want a toned figure without sides. The article contains the best exercises at home or in the gym. The main thing is to do them regularly!

1. Twisting

This is the main exercise to get rid of the flanks and to strengthen the muscle corset. Lie on the floor, bend your legs, put your hands behind your head and raise your body to your knees. The main thing is not to strain your neck, because the press should work. Start with 15-20 times and gradually work up to 50.

exercises on the press for weight loss of the abdomen and sides

2. Twisting with a bike

These crunches are done in the same way as a standard abdominal exercise. But feet do not stand on the floor, they make a bicycle. Reach for your right knee with your left elbow and vice versa. Repeat for 1-1. 5 minutes.

exercise bike for slimming sides and abdomen

3. Twisting to the raised legs

Lie down and raise your legs up perpendicular to the ground. Raise the body to them with outstretched arms and try to reach your toes with your fingers. If it's too difficult, bend your knees slightly. Start with 10 reps and work your way up.

twisting for slimming sides and abdomen

4. Seated crunches

Sit on the mat, tilt your back straight back at an angle of approximately 45 degrees and bend your knees. Straighten your arms to the sides and alternately turn left and right, touching the floor with one palm behind your back. Be sure to keep your back and arms straight. Do the exercise 20 times.

twisting sitting for weight loss of the sides and abdomen

5. Beetle

The exercise resembles a beetle that rolled over on its back. Lie on the floor, stretch your arms and legs and keep them straight throughout the exercise. Raise your right leg and at the same time reach for it with your left hand with a twist, and vice versa. Do at least 5-10 reps on each side.

exercise beetle for weight loss of the sides and abdomen

6. Raising the legs

This is another basic abs exercise, but now in the opposite direction. Lie on the mat and raise your legs about 45 degrees, and then lower them without touching the floor. The legs should remain straight and the lower back should not come off the mat. Repeat 15 times.

lifting legs for slimming sides and abdomen

7. Side bends

A very simple exercise that tightens the lateral muscles very well. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, take a deep breath and exhale slowly bend to the left as far as possible. Help yourself with your right hand and put your left in your belt. Make sure that the body does not tilt forward or backward - and so on 5-10 times for each side.

side bends for slimming sides and abdomen

8. Superman

Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs and at the same time raise them as high as possible. They need to stay straight. If it's too hard, raise your left arm with your right leg alternately and vice versa. Do the exercise for 30-60 seconds.

superman exercise for slimming sides and abdomen

9. Classic plank

The plank not only strengthens the back, but also tightens the abdomen - you will feel how the abs tighten. Alternate outstretched arms and elbows. Gradually bring the time from 30 seconds to a minute or more. Make sure that the pelvis or lower back do not sag when performing - the body should be even.

exercise bar for slimming sides and abdomen

10. Side bar

Lie on your side and lift the body on the supporting arm - on the elbow or on the palm. When you can hold the position for at least 30 seconds, add up swinging with your free leg.

side plank for slimming sides and abdomen

11. Jump rope

Jumping rope perfectly burns those extra pounds, even if there are very few of them left. If there is no jump rope or there is not enough room at home, jump over an imaginary one. The main thing is to keep the movement of arms and legs in sync. Start with 30 seconds and work your way up to at least 2 minutes.

rope exercises for slimming sides and abdomen

12. Hoop

Special hoops for rotation at the waist help shape it wonderfully. We recommend using special plastic hoops with a soft coating instead of old metal hoops. The first times are enough for 30-40 seconds, because it can be unpleasant, but gradually increase the duration.

exercises with a hoop for slimming sides and abdomen