How to lose 10 kg in a month

Faced with a situation where it is urgent to lose weight, the girl begins to think about how to lose weight by 10 kg per month at home. To quickly get rid of excess weight, the problem must be approached comprehensively. A fashionista should reconsider her diet and increase physical activity. However, losing weight can lead to health problems. To avoid negative consequences, before starting to lose kg in a month, the girl should consult with a specialist.

We will talk further about how to avoid health problems, about a suitable diet and the number of kg that can be lost in a month. After thinking about whether it is realistic to lose 10 kg in a month without harm to health, the girl must develop a weight loss strategy. You should immediately abandon the methods that promise a fashionista to help you lose weight without effort. Such methods not only do not get rid of extra pounds, but can also be harmful to health. Fasting and taking drugs will certainly affect the general condition of the girl's body.

Features of losing weight in a month

Before starting the procedure, you need to read the reviews and results of those who have lost weight. The development of a strategy and consultation with a specialist are necessary for effective weight loss in a month without harm to health.

Real tips to help you lose 10 kg in a month at home - you need:

  • get expert advice,
  • choose the right diet for health reasons,
  • create a daily menu
  • prepare the body for sudden weight loss,
  • comply with all the conditions necessary for losing weight by 10 kg per month,
  • gently exit the diet for weight loss in a month,
  • develop a training program
  • after losing weight for a month, continue to follow the basic principles of proper nutrition to maintain the achieved result.

A sharp disposal of extra pounds - stress for the body. An ill-conceived approach to losing weight in a month can lead to disease. It is better to fix the drawn up plan for getting rid of extra pounds on paper.


To lose weight in a month, it is not necessary to go on a strict diet. It is necessary to review the diet and follow a number of rules.

The list of norms that must be observed for rapid weight loss includes:

  • not eating before bed
  • 5 meals a day,
  • refusal to eat fatty foods,
  • increase in fluid intake.

To lose weight, a girl should eat food no later than 3 hours before bedtime. The stereotype of not eating after 6 should be a thing of the past. If a fashionista who wants to lose weight goes to bed at 23: 00, the last time she can eat is at 20: 00. To speed up the metabolism, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Note! It should be remembered that juices and other drinks are not included in the amount of liquid drunk.

Water will help you lose weight quickly. Fluid is used to control appetite. If a fashionista who wants to lose weight feels hungry before going to bed, she can replace her usual snack with a glass of warm water. The body will feel full, and the feeling of hunger will quickly pass. To lose weight, a girl should eat at least 5 times a day. The volume of 1 meal should be reduced. A fashionista will not experience hunger by consuming the usual amount of calories.

Diet choice

To lose weight in a month, before choosing a diet, a girl should exclude foods containing fast carbohydrates from her menu.

To quickly lose extra pounds, you should abandon:

  • sweets,
  • fast food,
  • foods high in fat.

A diet for losing weight by 10 kg per month at home should be based on the use of foods containing proteins and carbohydrates. Habitual food should be chicken with vegetables.

Note! It is better to refuse to fry foods. They should be boiled or steamed. The use of spices and flavor enhancers is best kept to a minimum.

Fruits can become an alternative to sweets. However, it is better not to eat them in the afternoon. Fruits increase the amount of sugar in the blood.

Power scheme

Choosing a diet that allows you to lose weight in a month, the girl should find out the list of products that are allowed to be eaten.

To lose extra pounds, you should use:

  • any vegetables except potatoes,
  • whole wheat bread,
  • cereals,
  • low fat kefir
  • milk,
  • boiled eggs,
  • skim cheese,
  • fruits, except for bananas and grapes.

By using these products, the girl will soon feel light in her body and notice that the extra pounds have begun to go away.

Note! When choosing a diet, a girl should remember that changing the diet without physical activity can lead to the formation of saggy skin. To get rid of the wrinkles formed as a result of rapid weight loss, the body requires oxygen. He actively enters during training.

When choosing a diet and making a nutrition plan, a fashionista should remember the need to give up bad habits. Wine and beer should be excluded from the diet. Drinking alcohol can exacerbate the state of the body experiencing stress as a result of rapid weight loss.

Expert opinion

Dietitian:"I would not recommend rushing like that. I know from experience that girls who need to "urgently lose weight in a month" usually never complete what they started. They quickly light up with this idea, but just as quickly" blown away ". There is little good in a hurry . . . In the turmoil, many girls and women are in a hurry to starve, go on ketogenic diets and do other stupid things. It does not lead to anything good. If they manage to lose a few kilograms, then the excess weight will soon come back. And all because in matters of weight loss in a hurryHere it is important to completely change your lifestyle and nutrition, and in such a way that the habit of eating right is rooted in you very deeply.

So a month won't be enough. Of course, if you want, you will have time to lose weight during this time. But . . . think about what will happen next, after this very month? If you go to celebrate the end of the diet with ice cream, then the result is unlikely to last long.

So think about the right attitude. Don't think of dieting as a month-long torment. Think about the fact that you are changing your lifestyle and your habits. And don't just think, do it. And you will definitely get results. "

Physical exercise

Diets without exercise will not help you lose weight quickly. Sports and observance of the daily routine will quickly remove the interfering body volume. For this reason, a fashionista should daily use a set of exercises that allows you to lose extra pounds. You don't have to go to the gym to shape your figure. Exercises can be done at home. To get minus ten kilograms per month at the exit, a fashionista must have a complex effect on her body.

weight loss exercises for 10 kg per month

To lose weight quickly, in addition to the diet, you should use:

  • body warm up exercises
  • squats to correct the volume of the legs,
  • push-ups that affect the appearance of the hands,
  • swinging the press to correct the appearance of the abdomen.

Exercises should be performed 10 times in 3 sets. To warm up the body at the beginning of a workout, you can use light walking, running and swinging your arms.

Note! Cardio training will not only help you lose weight, but will also have a beneficial effect on your health. Running, walking or jumping rope will build endurance and strengthen the girl's heart.

A fashionista should remember that for weight loss, physical activity cannot be used without a diet. After a workout, a girl may have an appetite. An organism that has spent energy absorbs food better. Eating after physical exertion will lead to an increase in body volume. If a girl does not want to go on a diet, she should not eat food for at least 2 hours after training. At this time, the so-called carbohydrate window opens, which contributes to weight gain.


An integrated approach to weight loss quickly gives tangible results. The use of diets and physical activity will lead to a weekly loss of up to 3 kilograms of the total mass. Compliance with the rules of nutrition and increased activity will help achieve the desired result in 1 month.

Note! Rapid weight loss only happens if the girls have something to lose. When the volume is normal, the body is reluctant to part with kilograms. Tightening diets and increasing physical activity will not come to a result. For this reason, a girl should realistically assess the need to lose weight a month before starting to lose extra pounds.

With the right approach, a rapid decrease in volume will not have a negative impact on health. However, losing weight is necessary under the supervision of a specialist. He will help you choose a program that allows you to quickly lose weight, and will monitor the state of the body.


  • First review, 33-year-old woman: "Recently, I had an urgent need to lose weight. I had to pull myself together and approach the matter thoroughly. Every morning I got up and ran at least 5 km. In the evenings, the route was repeated again. I had to look for reasonsin order to occupy my brain and distract it from thoughts of hunger. My daily diet consisted of a small amount of vegetables or one pie and water. As a result, in a month the weight decreased by 8 kg. Despite such a strict diet, my body feels good. "
  • The second review, a girl, 27 years old: "The last birth caused a sharp increase in my weight. I needed to lose 10 kg in 1 month. Moreover, choosing a suitable and effective diet, I tried to use the diet that did not have a negative effect on the body. I finally settled on buckwheat porridge. In addition, I drank chamomile tea, which calmed my nerves. The final result surprised me. After just one month, my weight dropped by almost 9 kg. "
  • Third review, female, 38 years old: "After the birth of my second child, my figure took on the outlines of some kind of ball or cylinder. Sometimes I even had a feeling of disgust for my own appearance. To cope with the situation, I chose a kefir diet. To enhance the effect of nutrition"I bought myself an exercise bike. In addition, I drank up to two liters of water daily. In total, it took me about five weeks to lose 11 kilograms at once. This result was achieved thanks to a strict diet and active physical activity. "