Diet for pancreatic pancreatitis: sample menu, allowed foods, recipes

Dietary nutrition for pancreatitis of the pancreas

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, a real scourge of our time. Heredity, malnutrition and a state of constant stress - all this leads to the fact that every fifth person has a record of chronic pancreatitis by the age of 20. And the best weapon in the war against this disease is diet. We will talk about it in this article.

Pancreatitis: what is the pancreas responsible for?

The pancreas is a vital organ that produces digestive juice to break down food into simpler components. Therefore, in case of violation of the pancreas, the splitting does not occur completely, and the body receives less vital components. Also, products that are not completely decomposed without juice begin active decay and gas production. It is because of this that many patients experience pain and discomfort.

In addition, the pancreas is responsible for the production of the most important component - insulin. It must be in the blood in sufficient quantities for the successful course of carbohydrate metabolism. Otherwise, a person who lacks insulin may feel dizzy, lose consciousness, and even get irreversible consequences.

For a long time it was believed that pancreatitis provokes fatty foods and alcoholic beverages. But with a sharp increase in children and adolescents visiting a gastroenterologist, the public has noticed that not only these two factors play a key role, but also the regularity of nutrition, the amount of harmful foods and drinks consumed (soda, fast food, cookies and sweets). Every time you hand out sweets to your child (except dried fruits, nuts and fruits), you bring this terrible diagnosis closer to him.

Conclusion: the main food is soups and side dishes prepared by boiling and stewing, as well as baking. It is also recommended to eat enough fresh vegetables and fruits.

Diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas: allowed foods

With pancreatitis, doctors recommend eating as much protein as possible during periods of exacerbation, and minimizing fats and carbohydrates (but not completely eliminated, since these are vital components).

Diet for pancreatitis excludes:

  • Sugar;
  • Roast;
  • Rough fibre.

The main assistant for pancreatitis is fractional nutrition. At least 5-6 times a day, but can be increased up to 8 times.

In addition, it is recommended to consult with your doctor and start taking the necessary vitamins.

The list of allowed products is very extensive, which is why you can regulate the list of your products yourself if they meet the requirements described below:

  • Reduce the amount of synthesized enzymes;
  • Quickly exit the stomach and small intestine;
  • Do not cause flatulence;
  • Quickly digested;
  • These are stewed fruits, vegetables;
  • Contain a small amount of sugar or fructose;
  • Not sour/spicy/fatty;
  • Do not contain preservatives or gases (carbonated drinks and mineral waters).

If you are not very well versed in this matter, it is best to fully adhere to the list below during periods of exacerbations.

  • Bakery products:white dried yeast-free loaf or bread, crackers, biscuit cookies, yesterday's white bread;
  • Vegetable soups-puree without broth.Chopped vegetables in puree are digested several times faster;
  • Boiled vegetables:carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, potatoes (no more than 1 piece per day), cauliflower, fresh green peas;
  • Semolina or oatmeal, as well as buckwheat, rice.Everything crushed or pureed;
  • Lean meats: beef, veal, chicken, turkey and rabbit. Pay attention to the preparation - soufflé, mashed potatoes, steam meatballs or cutlets;
  • Low-fat sea fish: boiled, stewed, aspic;
  • Milk and dairy productswith a low fat content;
  • Egg whites;
  • From sweet- ripe fruits in limited quantities (without sourness). Baked apples are especially useful;
  • Saucesdairy or diluted with vegetable broth. Preferably with a minimum amount of salt, as well as without the addition of hot peppers and acidic foods;
  • Fats: butter 15-20 g per day, vegetable oil 10 g per day. Oils should not be fried or heat treated;
  • Drinking mode:water, mineral water without gas, tea with a slice of lemon is not very strong, rosehip broth, freshly squeezed juices diluted 50% with water.

Diet for acute pancreatitis of the pancreas: recommendations

In acute pancreatitis of the pancreas in the first two days, the best recommendation is "hunger, cold, horizontal position. "These days, no more than a sip of water per hour is allowed, and any warming procedures are contraindicated, even a hot or well-warmed shower. Not only physical, but also psychological rest is important.

On the third day after the exacerbation, weak tea without sugar or rosehip broth, boiled liquid porridge, crushed in puree, is added. On the 5th-6th day, porridge, egg white, crackers, boiled vegetables are introduced a little bit. Feed fractional 6-8 times a day.

After the pain subsides, you can go to the treatment table number 5.

Diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas: a sample menu

So, consider a sample menu for 10 days for a diet for pancreatitis.The first 2 days - hunger, drinking - mineral water, a sip once an hour.

Day 3-4, sample menu:

  • 50 g of white crackers are not rich;
  • Blackcurrant jelly, cranberry juice;
  • Up to 2 liters per day of liquid (base - mineral water).

If there is a new exacerbation - hunger again and after 2 days again an attempt to return. Fractional portions, no more than 70-100 grams per meal.The first receptions - 1 tablespoon.

For 4-5 days (as per condition):

  • Salted rice or oatmeal water;
  • Mashed potatoes without fat;
  • Kissel with fresh berries, 50% fresh juice;
  • Liquid porridges (list above in allowed products);
  • biscuit cookies;
  • Yesterday's or dried bread.

For 6-8 days:

  • Steamed protein omelette;
  • Soufflé from low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Lean meat, steamed, mashed;
  • Cereal soups;
  • Mousse or jelly with fresh fruits, berries;
  • Vegetable puree with a drop of vegetable oil;
  • Vegetable steam puddings.

Gradually, you can add sugar to tea.

For clarity, we give an approximate diet menu for pancreatitis from day 4 for all meals.

Order of days Power alternation indicative menu
Day #1 First breakfast Rice porridge without additives - 150 g; Apple; green or black tea with honey (optional, but without sugar).
Lunch Pumpkin baked (mashed) 50 gr; chicken breast boiled in puree; rosehip decoction with honey.
Dinner Vegetable puree soup with 2 tablespoons chopped boiled fish; vegetable puree from broccoli or cauliflower; 1 cracker; baked apple with honey (remove the skin).
afternoon tea 3 tablespoons fat-free cottage cheese, tea with honey.
Dinner 3 squirrels in an omelet or boiled chopped; 1 cracker; carrot puree 150 gr.
An hour before bed A glass of curdled milk.
Day #2 First breakfast Buckwheat milk porridge 150 gr; jelly.
Lunch Baked apple minced with cottage cheese.
Dinner Vegetable puree soup, steamed rabbit.
afternoon tea Black tea with a slice of lemon and honey with biscuits.
Dinner Rice-curd pudding with tea.
An hour before bed Rosehip decoction with honey.
Day #3 First breakfast Milk rice porridge 150 gr; black tea with crackers.
Lunch Baked apple with cottage cheese.
Dinner Carrot and cabbage soup with chicken meatballs; dried fruits compote.
afternoon tea Fat-free cottage cheese 70 gr with tea.
Dinner Steamed low-fat sea fish, cracker.
An hour before bed A glass of kefir.

Diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas: recipes

Recipes for familiar dishes with pancreatitis are slightly different. Therefore, we provide a small list of recipes for this diet.

Vegetable soup for a diet with pancreatitis


  • cauliflower or broccoli;
  • Carrot;
  • Fresh green peas;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • zucchini;
  • Bay leaf;
  • Salt;
  • Dried dill.

Boil vegetables in the usual way, but add a little salt to the broth and add only 1 bay leaf. We take out the boiled vegetables and chop them with a masher or blender. Add again to the soup, add the dried dill and cook for another 5 minutes. Serve hot!

Vegetable soup in the diet menu for pancreatic pancreatitis

Baked apple with cottage cheese for a diet with pancreatitis

We choose not very sour, ripe apples (larger ones can be), wash and cut out the core. We put low-fat cottage cheese without sugar or honey into the hole, and put in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. We take it out and immediately you can put half a teaspoon of honey so that the apple is soaked. Serve warm, after removing the skin.

Rice and cottage cheese pudding for a diet with pancreatitis

Patients with pancreatitis can include rice-curd pudding in the diet

For cooking, we need low-fat cottage cheese in the amount of 200 g, 2 tablespoons of boiled round rice, 2 egg whites, a small carrot and a small amount of butter. We carefully grind everything and put it into molds (we recommend silicone ones, as it lags behind them well and burns less). Bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.