Super diet for weight loss - real results of 10 minutes or 15 kg with a menu for a month

A huge number of women around the world are concerned about finding for themselves an effective method of rapid weight loss. The concept of a super diet is gaining more and more popularity - different ways of effective and fast weight loss. Is it possible to lose weight, gain a slim silhouette in a short time, what diet to use for this, is it safe for health and what foods to look for when choosing express weight loss?

What is a super diet

What are the main features of "extreme" weight loss, what are the main differences between a super diet for weight loss? On it you can lose about one kilogram per day. This result is achieved by meeting the following conditions:

  1. The daily amount of calories consumed is 1000 kcal.
  2. Divided food - you need to eat in small portions every two to three hours.
  3. A diet consisting of one fat-burning product - for diets lasting from three to seven days.
  4. A diet made up of the most diverse low-calorie foods - for diets lasting more than seven days.

super diets

Short-term mono-diets, lasting three, a maximum of seven days, will provide a losing weight woman with super fast weight loss. The carrot three-day mono-diet is very popular - on a salad of grated carrots. The cabbage diet is designed for five days, the menu is made up of low-calorie dishes from raw and boiled cabbage. A seven-day mono-diet on brewed buckwheat is also a good option. With the help of these fat-burning products, you can get rid of five to seven extra pounds in the shortest period of time, depending on the individual characteristics of your body.

super effective diet

In addition to short-term mono-diets, super effective diets are used, that is, those thanks to which you can lose as many kilograms as possible. This is either a complex of mono-diets on various fat-burning foods, or the most diverse and at the same time low-calorie diet. In ten to fifteen days, you can lose up to 12 kg. Do not forget that such a diet is stressful for your body. Be sure to go to a consultation with a specialist and lose weight under the supervision of an appropriate doctor.

eating vegetable salad for weight loss

Super diet for effective fat burning

Ensuring effective fat burning is achieved through severe restriction of carbohydrates consumed with food. Therefore, a fat-burning diet for a week is a diet with a seriously limited or completely eliminated intake of fast carbohydrates. For example, a seven-day carrot mono-diet. Carrots are a negative calorie food - to digest raw carrot dishes, the body needs more energy than they bring to the body.

Diet 15 kg per month

For a long time - a month, so the diet and diet for this time should be selected thoughtfully and carefully. It is advisable to seek advice from a professional nutritionist. Menu based:

  • vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs;
  • dairy products, hard cheese, eggs, milk;
  • chicken meat, fish, beef;
  • cereals (cereals) and legumes, yeast-free bread;
  • dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots), berries, freshly squeezed juices.

A super diet for a month involves cooking simple dishes from three to four natural ingredients, with a minimum heat treatment time (for example, you can bake potatoes instead of boiling them). The addition of salt, sugar, seasonings and oil is excluded. You need to eat at least six times a day, in small portions. Be sure to avoid carbonated sugary drinks, alcohol, fried and smoked foods. The basis of the diet is vegetable salads, cottage cheese and yogurt, cereals.

The best diets for losing weight by 10 kg

There are several options to lose up to ten kilograms of excess weight in a relatively short time. The best diets for weight loss in a week:

  • kefir;
  • on steamed buckwheat;
  • cabbage;
  • Ladder;
  • on oatmeal;
  • Chinese salt-free;
  • model diet.

The main rules of all these methods of losing weight, the observance of which will achieve the planned result, are:

  1. Fluid intake in the amount of 2-2. 5 liters per day.
  2. The most frequent meals.
  3. The last dose is at least three to four hours before bedtime.
  4. Leading an active lifestyle.
oatmeal with apple for weight loss

Buckwheat diet for 7 days effective

A relatively easy option for rapid weight loss is the buckwheat diet for quick weight loss for 7 days. Among its advantages are the following points:

  1. If you do not boil, but steam buckwheat, the calorie content of 100 g of this product is no more than 100 kcal. This means that you can eat buckwheat prepared in this way in almost any quantity and not feel hungry.
  2. The process of active fat burning when losing weight on buckwheat begins approximately on the third day, that is, by the seventh day of the diet, you will achieve impressive results.
  3. Buckwheat can be steamed both on water and on kefir.

How to cook steamed buckwheat:

  1. Sort and rinse the cereal.
  2. Pour boiling water, cold water or kefir in a ratio of one (buckwheat) to two (liquid); for kefir - one to one.
  3. Leave overnight at room temperature.

Seven-day weight loss on buckwheat will allow you to lose up to seven kilograms. You should exit it sequentially, introducing foods such as an egg or low-fat ham for breakfast, tomato salad and chicken broth for dinner into the menu in the morning and evening. In the case when it becomes especially difficult to maintain this diet, you can eat a teaspoon of honey or drink a glass of honey water to replenish the glucose balance.

Cabbage diet for weight loss

Get rid of eight extra pounds in ten days will help the cabbage diet. During it, you can eat any kind of cabbage - Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi and white cabbage. There are options for losing weight on sauerkraut. Salt and sugar are completely excluded from the diet, eggs, lean meat, fruits, and other vegetables are acceptable. The menu necessarily includes vegetable salads and mashed cabbage soups. Drink plenty of fluids and keep a close eye on your condition. Use this fat-burning cauliflower soup recipe:


  • cauliflower - 400 g;
  • white cabbage - 300 g;
  • celery stalks - 7 pcs. ;
  • carrots - 2 pcs. ;
  • onion - 1 pc. ;
  • lemon juice - 15 g.

Cooking method:

  1. Divide the cauliflower into florets.
  2. Rinse the vegetables, finely chop the cabbage, onions, carrots and celery.
  3. Put everything in a saucepan with a thick bottom, boil the vegetables until tender.
  4. Add lemon juice, beat everything with a blender.
cauliflower for weight loss

Super diet Lesenka

The well-known Lesenka diet will help you lose eight kilograms in just five days. The diet for weight loss days on cabbage is as follows:

  • The first day - 1 kilogram of any apples.
  • The second day - 1 liter of kefir and 500 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
  • The third day - 300 grams of raisins, 2 tablespoons of honey, dried fruit compote without sugar.
  • Fourth day - 500 g of boiled poultry fillet.
  • Fifth day - 200 g of oatmeal boiled in water, any fruit except for bananas and grapes.

Kefir diet 10 days 10 kg

Highly effective kefir diet for weight loss. The basis of nutrition is kefir, one and a half liters per day, fat content - no more than 2. 5%. One day out of ten, preferably on the weekend, should be made unloading, that is, there is nothing. On the remaining days, low-fat cottage cheese is alternately added to the diet - 400 g, boiled poultry fillet - 500 g, fruits (with the exception of bananas, grapes and melons) - 500 g, fresh vegetables: cucumbers, cabbage, carrots - 500 g. With the help of thismenu you can lose up to 10 kg in ten days.

Chinese salt-free diet

The complete exclusion of salt from the diet gave the name to another popular method of losing weight. A salt-free diet is designed for two weeks, you will lose eight to ten kilograms. Menu based:

  1. The lightest breakfast is black unsweetened coffee / green tea with a slice of grain bread.
  2. Lunch - a salad of fresh vegetables (carrot, white cabbage).
  3. Dinner - boiled poultry fillet / beef / steamed fish.

Any fruit, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are acceptable. Sugar, flour and cereal dishes, smoked and fried foods are completely excluded. It is possible to use small amounts of dried fruits and honey. The maximum amount of water drunk per day is two liters. The diet is extreme, due to the low content of carbohydrates in the products consumed, so carefully monitor your condition.

green tea with mint for weight loss


Extreme weight loss can be detrimental to your health as it involves a strict diet. Remember this, and do not start a diet without consulting a specialist and examining the state of all systems of your body. Diet contraindications:

  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver;
  • pressure problems;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • any hormonal disorders and failures.

Express diet is a serious stress even for an absolutely healthy organism. Remember this, do not forget to drink the required amount of fluid, and immediately seek medical help in case of a sharp deterioration in well-being. You should not get carried away with diets, it is better to balance your daily diet with the help of a nutritionist and start monitoring your daily routine and lifestyle.