Drinking diet for 7 days to lose weight quickly

It so happens that you need to quickly lose weight for some event. Vacation, wedding, going out on the red carpet. Drinking a seven-day diet will do this well. Nutritionists say that on such a diet, it takes from 4 to 10 kilograms, depending on the initial weight. The pounds lost on a drinking diet will not return if you follow all the recommendations.

drinking diet for weight loss


Pay close attention to how you feel while dieting. If you feel dizzy, weak, chills, see dark circles before your eyes, it is better to stop the diet. Beauty requires sacrifice, but not in the form of health. It is highly discouraged to "sit" on a drinking diet for people with heart disease, gastrointestinal tract (even gastritis is a contraindication to diet), diabetes, during pregnancy, minors and those whose work is associated with hard physical labor.

How to Prepare?

Ten days before the diet, gradually begin to reduce your daily calorie intake to 1200 kilocalories. Introduce more liquid cereals, soups, thick vegetable gravies into your diet, remove fatty and sweet foods. So, the body will begin preparing for the upcoming diet and what is happening will not shock him. It is necessary to increase the consumption of regular water. At least up to two liters. If you constantly forget about it, install an application on your phone that counts the amount of liquid you drink per day.

Basic principles of a drinking diet

All food must be liquid, as the name suggests. However, this rule cannot be treated formally. That is, drinking milkshakes, cappuccino, packaged juices and creamy cream soups means formally dieting. Weight in this way will not go away, or even increase.

Remember that you can only eat low-fat vegetable and meat broths, dairy products with a fat content of no more than 1 percent, tea and coffee without sugar and cream, fruits and vegetables for smoothies should not be starchy. One meal is 300-400 milliliters. This is about 1. 5 glasses. There should be 5-6 such meals per day. Throughout the diet, you need to drink about three liters of clean water per day.

Menu for every day

On the first day, it is recommended to drink chicken, fish or beef broth. You can add a little salt, but it is better to exclude it during the diet. On the second day, drink fermented baked milk, milk, kefir, unsweetened yogurt. It's a milky day. Dedicate the third day to smoothies and fresh juices from greens. Unsweetened fruits can be added, but not much. Be sure to dilute juices with water in a one-to-one ratio.

The fourth day - drink decoctions of fruits and berries without sugar. The fifth day is the day of all types of tea. Herbal is best, but green, red, pu-erh is also possible. It is allowed to add a little milk there. On the sixth day, it is recommended to eat liquid vegetable pureed soups, and on the last day to have a hungry day. This is a strict diet option. If you suddenly really want something to drink, but not from the list, you can afford it. If only the basic principles of the diet are followed.

Exiting the diet

Nutritionists advise leaving the diet for two weeks. The first five days to eat is also fractional. Eat liquid cereals, cream soups, jelly, dairy products. From the sixth day, gradually introduce vegetable salads and fruits into the diet. On the tenth day - steamed fish, meat and poultry baked in the oven. Then plan your menu yourself.