Diet for gastritis

When toxic substances of bacterial origin enter the stomach through the bloodstream, due to eating food of poor quality, stale, too hot or cold, spicy or poorly chewed, overeating, alcohol poisoning, irritation of the gastric mucosa occurs, which develops acute gastritis.

Chronic gastritis develops due to the indicated causes of acute gastritis: prolonged disturbance of the diet, due to a defect in the chewing apparatus, abuse of spices, spices, alcohol, smoking, prolonged use of drugs (salicylates, glucocorticoids, non-steroidal drugs for inflammation), occupational hazards. Chronic gastritis worsens with low and high acidity of the stomach.

Gastritis appears:nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, belching, flatulence, a feeling of fullness in the stomach, pain, and sometimes even weight loss.

General food rules

With gastritis, it is very important to follow proper dietary nutrition to reduce the activity of gastric juice:

  • Chew food thoroughly, performing at least 20 chewing movements.
  • Do not drink chewed food.
  • It is better to drink liquid between meals.
  • If there is a need to drink drinks with food, drink in small sips after swallowing food.
  • Switch to food in fractional portions at least 4-6 times a day.
  • In case of upset nerves, you should reduce the portion.
  • In order not to overeat, you need to eat slowly, without additives to the diet.
  • Avoid rough food that damages the stomach lining mechanically or chemically.
  • Do not eat mashed or boiled food for too long, so as not to reduce digestive activity.

Must-have foods in the diet

To reduce the exacerbation of gastritis and normal secretion of gastric juice, you must eat:

  • well-cooked meat or fish;
  • cottage cheese (not sour) with sugar;
  • fresh white bread;
  • puree from vegetables: potatoes, cauliflower, rutabagas, carrots;
  • liquid cereals and vegetable soups;
  • drink: mineral water without gas, weak tea, as well as ordinary drinking water (purified).

Foods to be excluded

To reduce and prevent exacerbation of gastritis, you can not eat:

  • fried, smoked, pickled foods;
  • canned food, homemade pickles, marinades;
  • egg yolk, black bread;
  • strong, rich vegetable and meat broths;
  • products with the addition of various spices;
  • salted, smoked fish, poultry, meat, lard;
  • from drinks - coffee, cocoa, too strong tea, alcoholic, carbonated drinks.

Diet for acute erosive gastritis of the stomach

Acute erosive gastritis increases the acidity of gastric juice, which leads to the formation of erosions on the wall of the stomach. The diet for erosive gastritis, like the diet for acute gastritis, includes:

  • relief of nausea through vomiting, for which they drink warm, alkaline water without gas;
  • abstinence from eating on the first day of the disease;
  • drinking weak tea in small portions with lemon, mineral water with ice - with nausea;
  • replenishment of fluid loss with water: 1 liter. add salt (1 tsp), soda (½ tsp), sugar (1 tbsp). Drink 1 tbsp. l. every 15 minutes;
  • for 2-3 days: liquid food in the form of vegetable broth, mucous soups, kefir;
  • with the appearance of appetite - liquid cereals, jelly (except for cranberry jelly), mashed potatoes, jelly, crackers, mashed meat.

Food for acute erosive gastritis should be fractional (4-6 times a day), medium temperature (15 to 60 degrees), steamed, boiled or baked.

Diet for chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis occurs with increased and decreased acidity of gastric juice.

With increased acidity, gastritis manifests itself: heartburn, burning pain in the stomach, heaviness after eating, belching with a bitter or sour taste, constipation of the intestines, some loss of taste. Especially the symptoms make themselves felt if the diet included sour, bitter, spicy foods, pickles, fatty, fried foods that contribute to the concentration of salt acid. The acid not only digests food but also causes erosion.

With low acidity, the stomach produces little gastric juice, food is poorly digested, so this leads to an unpleasant taste in the mouth, constant stomach fullness, and a feeling of fullness in the stomach.

With both types of acidity, it is necessary to stop smoking to exclude changes in the hormonal background of the body and the appearance of obesity.

Diet for gastritis with high acidity

Proper nutrition for gastritis with high acidity excludes from the menu:

  • Products that have a mechanical effect on the gastric mucosa: coarse-fiber - turnips and radishes, rutabagas, meat with veins, muesli, black bread with bran, meat fried in oil, fish and vegetables. From cereals - brown rice;
  • Products that have a destructive chemical effect on the gastric mucosa: alcohol, citrus sour juices / fruits, carbonated waters, including sweet, coffee, black bread, white cabbage, strong broths;
  • Products that have a destructive thermal effect on the gastric mucosa: food that is too cold or hot (above or below 15-60˚C). Cold, like high temperature, irritates the esophagus, cold foods linger in the stomach for a long time, sour, cause fermentation;
  • Meat products: goose, ducks, lamb, pork, bacon;
  • Fatty river / sea fish;
  • Fermented milk products, skim milk;
  • Foods high in carbohydrates that contribute to inflammation and weight gain: chocolate, sugar, baked goods, wheat flour.

With gastritis with high acidity, it is allowed to eat:

  • Lean meat: rabbit, skinless chicken breast or turkey;
  • Low-fat river or sea fish to saturate the blood with unsaturated fats - Omega 3 / Omega 6;
  • Seafood: crabs, shrimps;
  • Protein omelets from eggs;
  • Groats: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal;
  • Goat milk;
  • Vegetables: zucchini, spinach, pumpkin, tomatoes (without skin), green peas, asparagus, carrots, green salad, onions, dill, parsley. Hard vegetables need to be boiled, stewed, or grated;
  • Sweet fruits and berries: strawberries, raspberries, strawberries, soft fruits boiled, mashed or in the form of cocktails;
  • Tea made from lemon balm, motherwort, celandine, chamomile, St. John's wort, angelica rhizomes, knotweed, marshmallow root separately or mixed in equal proportions. Steamed as tea in a glass of boiling water - 1 tsp. raw materials. They drink a small sip before meals in between meals.

Menu and recipes

Day Eating Dishes and products
Option 1 30 minutes before breakfast A glass of still mineral water or herbal tea
Breakfast Protein omelet from 3 eggs, mashed potatoes from boiled beets, carrots - 50 g each, a slice of white bread or crackers, a cup of weak green tea or lemon balm
Lunch Two baked apples or pears.
Dinner Soup-puree on rice broth from meat - 200 ml, pudding from fish and potatoes - 150 g. , Juice from berries, a slice of white bread
Afternoon snack A glass of goat milk, croutons
Dinner Steam chicken soufflé - 200 gr. , Carrot zrazy with fruit - 150 gr. , A cup of berry jelly, a slice of white bread
An hour before bedtime Rosehip infusion with 1 tsp. honey or still mineral water
Option 2 30 minutes before breakfast Lemon balm tea
Breakfast Liquid oatmeal on water. Camomile tea
Lunch Grated strawberries
Dinner Mashed fish soup. Buckwheat steamed in water. A piece of white bread.
Afternoon snack A glass of weak green tea. Rusks
Dinner Pumpkin and carrot puree soup.
An hour before bedtime Herbal tea

Rice broth puree meat soup

Rice broth meat soup

You will need: rice - 35 g, beef meat - 100 g, butter - 15 g, 1 egg yolk, milk - ½ tbsp. , Salt.

Method of preparation: Rice is sorted out, washed in hot water, boiled over low heat until completely boiled. Add boiling water to 800 ml. Pass the boiled meat through a meat grinder with a fine grid twice. Pour a small amount of rice water over the meat, simmer for 8-10 minutes. When adding the rest of the broth, pour in the egg-milk mixture, stirring continuously, bring to a boil, season with oil and salt to taste.

Fish pudding with potatoes

Fish pudding with potatoes

You will need: potatoes - 50 g, fish - 100 g, milk - 30 ml, ground crackers - 10 g, butter - 10 g, sour cream (not sour) - 50 g, egg - ½.

Method of preparation: Peel potatoes, boil, drain the water, rub through a sieve, mix with milk. Bones are selected from the fish, skinned, boiled, cooled and chopped finely. Mix potatoes with fish, 5 grams of butter, yolk, beaten egg white. Lubricate the mold with the rest of the oil, spread the mixture, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, put in the bath, close the lid, simmer for 20 minutes. Served with sour cream.

Steamed chicken soufflé

Steamed chicken souffle

You will need: boiled chicken - 100 g, rice - 10 g, milk - 30 ml, a quarter of an egg, butter - 3 g.

Method of preparation: The boiled chicken is passed through a fine grate of a meat grinder - 2-3 times. Combine with boiled rice, milk, knead, adding whipped yolk with melted butter and protein. The mass is transferred to a greased mold, boiled in a bath for up to 20 minutes.

Carrot zrazy with fruit

Carrot zrazy with fruit

You will need: carrots - 160 g, semolina - 15 g, milk - 30 ml, egg - ¼ sugar - 5 g, fruit filling - 60 g, sour cream - 5 g, wheat flour - 5 g, butter - 10 g.

Method of preparation: Grated carrots are mixed with milk, part of the butter and stewed under the lid until soft, kneaded with a crush. Pour semolina, warm until the cereal swells. Add the beaten egg, sugar, stir. With a liquid consistency, add more semolina or flour.

Form cakes, put a filling of berries or fruits in the middle. The edges of the cake are added and pressed. Smeared with sour cream, placed on a baking sheet, sprinkled with butter (or poured with milk sauce), and then baked.

Nutrition for gastritis with low acidity

With gastritis of the stomach with low acidityNot recommendedeat:

  • Rich meat, mushroom, fish soups;
  • All fatty foods, including fried meat or fish;
  • Raw vegetable fiber (white cabbage, red cabbage, turnips, radishes, onions, garlic, sorrel);
  • Spicy, salty dishes, canned food, smoked meats;
  • Pancakes, cakes, pies, black bread, ice cream, carbonated drinks;
  • Hard and sour fruits, alcoholic beverages.

Good to know!Treatment of exacerbated chronic gastritis with low acidity requires the inclusion in the main diet of liquid and well-mashed first courses, vegetable purees, liquid cereals, soft-boiled eggs, jelly, steam cutlets, boiled or steamed fish. Fruits are eaten along with the main meal, choosing fruits without coarse fibers and baking them in the oven.

Allowed to eatwith low acidity:

  • Dried white wheat bread, white breadcrumbs, non-nutritious cookies, biscuits;
  • Vegetarian vegetable soups, excluding cabbage;
  • Cereals, noodles in water or milk, if the stomach accepts well;
  • Low-fat minced meats: beef, veal, skinless chicken, turkey, boiled or steam rabbit. During an exacerbation - with mashed meat dishes (cutlets, dumplings, mashed potatoes, soufflé, roll);
  • Dishes or garnishes from vegetables (except for white cabbage), cereals, puddings, noodles, noodles;
  • Soft-boiled eggs and omelets;
  • Sweet, soft berries, fruit for compotes, jelly, mousses / jellies, baked apples, pears;
  • Whole milk, condensed milk, cream, non-acidic sour cream, fresh non-acidic cottage cheese, milk and egg sauces, mild cheese;
  • From fats - butter, olive, sunflower oil;
  • Tea made from the herb St. John's wort, lingonberry, elecampane rhizomes, chicory rhizomes, flax seeds, chamomile flowers, mint individually or in equal parts assembled. Steamed tea in a glass of boiling water 1 tsp. raw materials.


Day Eating Dishes and products
Option 1 30 minutes before breakfast Rosehip decoction
Breakfast Omelet made from 2 egg whites. A piece of toasted bread. Green weak tea.
Lunch Fruit puree.
Dinner Tomato salad with avocado and cheese. Vegetable broth with any permitted vegetables.
Afternoon snack A couple of baked apples
Dinner Beef meatballs with carrot juice
An hour before bedtime Chamomile tea
Option 2 30 minutes before breakfast Chicory drink
Breakfast Zucchini casserole. Green tea with croutons.
Lunch Kissel, 1-2 cold biscuits
Dinner Squash soup
Afternoon snack 100 gnon-acidic cottage cheese with berries.
Dinner Steam meatballs. Vermicelli for water.
An hour before bedtime Mint tea.

For the preparation of a dietary menu with increased acidity of gastric juice, there is a fairly wide range of products indicated above. We recommend several healthy recipes to prevent exacerbation of gastritis

Tomato salad with avocado and cheese

Tomato, avocado and cheese salad

You will need: tomatoes - 2 pcs, avocado - 1 pc, hard cheese - 50 g, olive oil - 2 tbsp. l. , lemon juice - 1 tbsp. l. , salt to taste.

The tomatoes are poured over with boiling water, the skins are removed, the seeds are removed and cut into slices. The avocado is peeled, pitted, cut into cubes, sprinkled with lemon juice, mixed with tomatoes. The cheese is cut into cubes or grated, mixed with salad, poured over with olive oil, and salted.

Squash soup

Squash soup

You will need: 1 squash for 1. 5 vegetable broth or water, tomatoes - 3 pcs, flour - 2 tbsp. l. , butter - 2 tbsp. l. , sour cream, boiled turkey - 100 g.

The peeled squash is cut into small pieces, the tomatoes are peeled and cut. Vegetables are dipped in boiling broth or water. The flour is heated in a frying pan, mixed with butter, added to the soup, stirring occasionally. Boil, add pieces of boiled turkey and herbs. Served with sour cream.

Steamed meatballs

Steamed meatballs

For one serving you need: meat - 125 g, white bread - 20 g, butter - 5 g, salt to taste, water - 15 ml.

Meat without fat and tendons is passed 2 times through a meat grinder, mixed with moistened bread, again passed through a meat grinder 2 times, salted, beaten well. Balls (10-12 pieces) are formed from the mass, steamed or in a saucepan, pouring water. Sprinkle with oil before serving.

Beef meatballs with carrot juice

Beef balls with carrot juice

You will need: beef meat - 120 g, white bread - 25 g, butter - 15 g, carrots - 20 g, dried rose hips - 10 g, wheat flour - 5 g, milk - 50 ml.

Meat without films, tendons and fat is passed 2-3 times through a meat grinder along with bread soaked in milk. Beat the mass well, form round-shaped balls with wet hands. Bring the meatballs under the lid until cooked. Rosehip is poured with boiling water (25 ml), insisted for 3-4 hours, filtered, combined with heated flour. The mixture is poured into boiling milk, simmered on the fire for 10 minutes. The mass is filtered through a strainer, poured in carrot juice, put a piece of butter, stir and pour the meatballs. Served with a side dish of mashed potatoes, carrot or buckwheat porridge.