Diet Favorite with 2 menu options with detailed recipes

If you have set a goal to lose 4-6 kilograms, but you are limited in time, you have only one week, your favorite diet is what you need. The essence of the "Favorite" diet assumes a specific set of foods and a pattern of food consumption.

Favorite Weekly Diet Plan

There are 2 modes: "hard" and "soft", in order to find out which one is right for you, you need to be based on willpower and health.

The basic principles and features of the diet:

  • If you have a tendency to constipation, before starting the diet, you need to make sure that your intestines are in order.
  • With the help of a diet, the volume of the stomach is reduced, so in the future you can more easily switch to the correct diet.
  • You can repeat the "Favorite" diet in a year.
  • It is forbidden to change both diet days and the menu.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of dishes and the size of the portions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The favorite 7-day diet of regular, low-calorie foods has a number of drawbacks, regardless of its merits.

Check out the main characteristics of this diet:

Dignity disadvantages
An effective comprehensive method of losing weight: weight is reduced to 5-7 kilograms It is easy to break if you combine diet with exercise
An uncomplicated menu that does not get boring: the set of products changes daily This menu is not available to people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system
A way out of the diet is provided, which will not allow you to immediately break loose Causes severe stress on the body if used for longer than 1. 5-2 weeks
Getting rid of edema, weaning from eating large amounts of salt, sugar It is difficult to maintain the achieved result for a long time

5 rules of "favorite diet"

Below is a detailed description of the basic rules of the diet. It is important to observe them in order to withstand this difficult marathon and get a guaranteed effect in a certain way.

  • Thorough cleaning.On the eve of the 1st day of the "favorite diet" it is necessary to cleanse the intestinal tract with an enema or special laxatives. This is done to eliminate toxins, which, in accordance with the following dietary restrictions, can stagnate in the body and worsen well-being.
  • Do not be amateur. . . All permitted foods must be taken strictly in the sequence prescribed by the program. It is impossible to exchange diets for daily ones.
  • Vitamin support.With the help of these methods of losing weight, the body especially needs support. Therefore, it is recommended to take vitamin and mineral enrichment complexes. In this case, it is better to start a few weeks before the diet, do not give it up on time and take pills until the end of the course.
  • Consuming vitamins to support the body
  • Internal Stop.The diet does not impose critical calorie or serving volume limits. But, you cannot afford to eat too much. Better to leave the contents of the plate when you are still a little hungry. Listen to your feelings: the body will give a sign of your norm. In particular, the rule of arrest applies to alcoholic diets. There are many "favorite diets" where only wine and cheese are allowed for a day. This does not mean that you need to start celebrating the "plumb line" in the morning. This underscores the drain orientation of the days and the fact that losing weight in the evening can be a bit relaxing.
  • Saving energy.Physical activity is usually important when losing weight. If we strengthen the natural internal fat burning processes with external support, the effect will be more pleasant and immediate. Poor nutrition significantly reduces the energy capacity of the body. And exercising in the gym with such a diet is simply impossible. But daily walks by air will be helpful. The advantage is that this diet is budget friendly. You don't need to spend a lot on groceries. There is another way to save money: it requires minimal cooking time. After all, there are no complicated recipes for food: all raw or shop-made.

"Favorite" diet: menu for the week

Diet day Breakfast Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
1 day 250 ml of tea without sugar, 150 ml of kefir 200 ml chicken stock without salt 150 ml yogurt 200 ml milk
2nd day 2 small tomatoes Salad with cucumbers, fresh cabbage and aromatic herbs 2 new cucumbers seasoned with vegetable oil Cucumber and pepper salad with herbs
Day 3 200 ml of tea and 0. 2 l of milkshake 200 ml chicken broth 200 ml of kefir 0. 2 l milk
4th day 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit Apple, orange and kiwi, fruit salad Apple and pear 200 ml milk
Day 5 2 eggs for breakfast, 200 g of boiled fish 100 g boiled chicken, 100 g boiled peas and fish 100 g ricotta 100 grams of cheese
6 day 200 ml of tea without sugar, 200 ml of kefir 200 ml chicken broth 0. 2 l milkshake 200 ml milk
Day 7 The first breakfast consists of 200 ml of grapefruit juice, 2 boiled eggs, a cup of green tea. For a second breakfast, you should eat an apple or grapefruit. Portion of buckwheat soup. Any fruit. At least a little fruit, 200 g of salad dressed with vegetable oil.

This menu is indicative and subject to change depending on the availability of certain products.

A tough variation on your favorite 7-day diet

  • 2 drinking days.Drink kefir and water for two days - in large quantities.
  • Apple day.Traditional menu. If you are not very fond of apples, exchange them for oranges. Also drink water to neutralize acid.
  • Three chicken days.Boiled chicken without skin and lots of water.
  • The seventh day is called wine.Dry wine and cheese throughout the day. For a glass of wine, 30 g of cheese.

Along with the permitted foods, nutritionists recommend the use of vitamins and minerals (in pills, tablets, capsules).

Vitamins and minerals

Menu for 14 days

A certain category of people even lacks 12 days of a minimalist diet. Evenly losing weight get used to reduced portions, so they do not see anything wrong with continuing the diet. The 14-day menu reminds you of the 7-day diet: it's a 2-week diet. We will try to draw up a diet for each day in detail.

  • Drinking days 1 and 8 -a mandatory criterion is to drink two liters of water. You can drink tea and coffee without sugar, kefir, milk, yogurt (without sugar), fruit drinks, freshly squeezed fruit juices, low-fat broths without salt and spices.
  • Plant days 2 and 9 days.You can't just eat potatoes from vegetables. Everything else can be eaten raw, stewed (in water), boiled, blanched and cooked. Salt cannot be used. If you are making a salad, season it with lemon juice, soy sauce, olive oil (a few drops).
  • Menu on the 3rd and 10th day, as on the 1st day.
  • Fruit 4th and 11th days.Grapefruit and pineapple are best, although apples, oranges, kiwis, and pears are fine. It is forbidden to eat bananas and grapes, they are very rich in calories.
  • Protein 5 and 12 days.
  • Lean meat, boiled or soft-boiled eggs, poultry, fish. You cannot salt, fry, add mayonnaise or ketchup.
  • Drinking menu on days 6 and 13, as well as on day 1.
  • Mixed 7 and 14 days.Two eggs for breakfast, fruit for lunch, soup for lunch, salad for a snack, chicken breast or steamed fish without salt and spices for dinner. You can add salad or vegetable pieces to your last meal.


The recipes for the love diet are very simple. Including imagination, you can create your own menu that is not only slimming, but also delicious.

Fruit salad


  • Banana 1 pc;
  • Grapefruit 1 pc;
  • Orange 1 piece:
  • Kiwi 1 pc;
  • Apple 1 pc.
Fruit Salad on the Favorite Diet Menu

Peel the fruit and cut into cubes, stir. A delicious and desired dessert is ready. Fruit salad is perfect for lunch or dinner for the 4th day of your favorite diet.

Chicken broth


  • Chicken (mainly breast) 0. 5 kg;
  • Onion 1 pc;
  • Carrots 1 pc.
Chicken broth in the diet Dumbimaya

Carefully wash the chicken, place it in a saucepan, pour water so that it covers the bird 3-4 cm higher. Peel the carrots and onions, add to the saucepan, turn on the heat, bring to a boil, then reduce the gas and cook until tender. Cooking time depends on the age of the bird.

Homemade chicken, especially old chicken, takes at least 2 hours to cook. We take out onions and carrots from the broth, which gives a piquant taste. The dish is ready to eat. It is recommended to constantly include the broth in the menu, observing your "favorite" diet, especially on drinking days, to avoid the exhausting feeling of hunger, and the broth will also help to avoid fatigue, impotence, dizziness, headaches.

Salmon fillet in a slow cooker


  • Salmon (steak or fillet) 500 gr;
  • Butter 50 gr;
  • Lemon 1 pc;
  • Dill 30 gr;
  • 1 glass of purified water;
  • Salt and pepper;
  • Foil.
Salmon fillet for a protein day Favorite diet

Cut the lemon into 2 halves. Wash the salmon thoroughly, dry it, add salt and pepper. Squeeze the juice out of 1 half of the lemon to marinate the fish. Combine butter with finely chopped dill. We fold a sheet of foil into 2 layers, put the fish in the center, grease it with creamy sauce on top, wrap the sheet in a square.

Pour a glass of water into a multicooker, send salmon there. We activate the "Cooking" mode, lasting 30 minutes. We periodically check that the water does not completely evaporate, if necessary, add it again. Following your favorite diet, this recipe is ideal on a protein day, salmon fillet is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Turkey roll in a slow cooker


  • Turkey fillet 500 gr;
  • Salt, pepper, bay leaf;
  • 1 glass of purified water;
  • Olive oil 3 tbspl.
Turkey roll

Thoroughly rinse the turkey, cut into slices 2-3 cm wide, beat off pieces of meat, season with salt, pepper, sprinkle with olive oil. Then we send it to the refrigerator for 12-20 hours in a container covered with a lid.

After the bird is in the brine, we shape the meat into a roll by tying it with a wire or a toothpick. Pour a glass of water into the pot of your multicooker and send the fillets there, cook for 50-60 minutes. Chill the hot roll in the refrigerator. Serve the slices. A pair of turkey buns will complement the 7-day final menu of your favorite diet for lunch or dinner.

Exiting the diet

The last day you stick to the restrictions on the menu does not mean that you can start eating whatever you can get your hands on. Remember that it takes time to consolidate the results obtained, and if you immediately begin to recover uncontrollably, the weight that you managed to lose will return in 2-3 weeks.

You should cut your diet by incorporating new foods evenly into your daily diet. Returning to fatty and sugary foods is the last thing you need to do. Increase the total calorie content of foods daily by 150-200 kcal to the norm, continue to consume 2-2. 5 liters of water per day.

The point of view of professionals

Doctors have special opinions about diets. Let's consider a number of reasons and main reasons:

  1. An unbalanced diet slows down the metabolism, causes an exacerbation of all acquired diseases and is the cause of the appearance of new diseases.
  2. Digestion, hormones, skin and muscle tone, condition of teeth, bones and joints, blood circulation, sebaceous glands are impaired.
  3. The overall appearance is deteriorating. In their favorite diet, they have very few calories every day.
  4. What threatens: with a lack of energy, which has been sharpened, the body breaks down not only fat, but also muscles.
  5. The excess weight lost in this way always returns (! ) And increases.

For example, they lost 10 kg and gained 15. In this case, fat is already accumulated, not muscle. And the body will seem to be free, and you will feel even weaker. Dietary restrictions are stress for the body.

In the version of your favorite diet, this stress lasts for a week. Therefore, people feel depressed, exhausted. Brain activity decreases. In this regard, he speaks of forgetfulness, distraction, dizziness, disgusting sleep. Blood sugar drops sharply. Appetite increases, mood spoils. All this increases the risk of "collapse" when people can not stand it and throw themselves into junk food. As a result, they still gain enormous weight when compared before and after.

Bad mood while dieting

Therefore, such a diet is always harshly criticized. No competent nutritionist will recommend a diet that is guaranteed to eliminate massive amounts in a short amount of time. As a result, you get not harmony, but a whole complex of diseases.