Japanese diet for 14 days

girl holding sushi for japanese diet

Before the New Year holidays, there is still time to shine at a corporate party not only in the best outfit, but also to appear before the envious glances of colleagues in the best physical shape. Advice on moderate nutrition, optimal physical activity, exclusion from the diet of sweet carbonated drinks, flour, fast food and other harmful substances from the diet of urban residents always remains relevant. Following the recommendations of dieticians and fitness trainers, of course, will give its result, but how long does it take? And I want to lose weight here and now. The ideal option for this would be the Japanese diet for 14 days. It should be noted that the menu in it is very limited. Within two weeks it is necessary to strictly and strictly adhere to the drawn up schedule, and various small joys of life, even in the form of one tiny caramel or a sip of sweet juice, are strictly prohibited. Before proceeding, it is necessary to mentally and physiologically tune in to avoid stressful consequences.

Features of the Japanese diet

Nutritionists and people who have already gone through this way of eating advise choosing a period of time when the temptation to give up will be the least. A trip to your beloved aunt for her birthday, in honor of which she bakes those very fragrant and fragrant pies, is not the best time for such an undertaking as the Japanese diet. In addition, you need to slightly limit your diet for a week or two, moderate your appetite for sweet, starchy, salty foods. So that the subsequent transition to new dishes is not too complicated, and they do not seem tasteless.

Japanese vegetable salad

By itself, the Japanese diet is not the usual diet of the Japanese. Those who, after the announcement of this name, imagined sushi, soy sauce and spicy kebabs will be very disappointed, because unsalted meat and vegetables seasoned with vegetable oil predominate in the diet. Why then is the diet called Japanese? They created a nutrition system with this name in the Japanese clinic Yaeks. Nutritionists, based on a scientific approach to the existing problem of obesity and the experience of generations in the fight against it, have compiled a menu that will help you quickly lose those extra pounds. There is an opinion that in order to reach the end in this diet, it is necessary to have character traits inherent in the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun - organization, following the rules and traditions, integrity and willpower. The Japanese diet, reviews of which flooded all the pages of the forums, really justifies the effort. The results vary, it will be possible to lose at least 5 kg, and in some cases it can be more than 10 kg in two weeks.

What can you eat while on a diet?

So, to start, starting the process of losing weight, it is necessary with the fact that you need to make basic purchases for the future diet. I am glad that the necessary products are budgetary and easily accessible. You can buy them in any supermarket, or in the market, in all corners of the country. There are absolutely no exotic, rare or hard-to-find ingredients.

organic coffee for the japanese diet

The list of products consists of the following items:

  • natural brewed coffee;
  • high-quality loose green tea, you can also package it, if you are sure that it is really tea, and not grass with flavorings;
  • chicken meat. But it is the sirloin part, the meat should be white, due to the fact that it is the least fatty and does not cause allergic reactions;
  • beef, it is better to choose young meat so that after processing it is more tender and easier to digest, veal does not require long cooking and is easier to chew;
  • sea fish of low-fat varieties, it can be hake, pollock, saithe, blue whiting;
  • chicken eggs;
  • vegetables - zucchini, eggplant, carrots, white or Beijing cabbage, it is not inferior in quality and nutritional characteristics to ordinary cabbage, but it tastes better when raw. If the diet falls on the summer season, when young varieties of cabbage are in full swing, then there is no difference;
  • vegetables for the japanese diet
  • fruits - apples, pears, citrus fruits (including lemons, for salad dressing), apricots, plums, everything that the soul desires, with the exception of bananas and grapes due to their high calorie content and a large amount of sugars;
  • vegetable oil, it can be any, olive, sunflower, corn;
  • Rye bread. The Japanese diet of 14 days excludes the use of bread of a mixed composition or baked from wheat flour;
  • rye bread for the japanese diet
  • low-fat kefir. It needs to be bought every day so that the product is fresh, if it is three days old or more, it has bonding properties, which will hinder peristalsis and increase gas formation;
  • a little hard cheese, but natural from milk, not vegetable fats;
  • tomato juice. Often, the producers of this drink take care of the taste of the product by adding salt to the composition, however, the Japanese diet for 14 days, the menu of which involves the exclusion of it in full, forces you to look for one hundred percent natural juice without the addition of impurities.
tomato juice for japanese diet

In addition, to quench your thirst, you need to stock up on drinking water. It can be ordinary tap water, pre-filtered, or boiled, bottled mineral water is also allowed. Drinking will provide the body with the necessary amount of fluid, which already suffers from a lack of vitamins and elements, and gives a feeling of satiety to the stomach. Snacks in the diet are not provided, this gap can be filled by drinking water during the day.

What did you order? Japanese Diet Menu

After purchasing the necessary products, you can begin the cooking process. There are programs for weight loss in which the recipe of dishes. more suitable for an upscale restaurant. For those who are not very knowledgeable in cooking, the Japanese diet is perfect, its menu includes dishes from boiled meat, fish, vegetables, eggs. To prepare food, according to this system, it will take very little effort and time. Meat needs to be boiled, fish can be boiled, baked or lightly fried in a pan, grill. Salads are made from boiled cabbage or in the form of fresh mixes of cabbage and carrots. In addition, zucchini and eggplant are lightly fried. All these preparations take extremely little time, which allows you to always eat fresh food. Portions should be small, two hundred grams of meat, fish and fruit. Vegetables are taken as for a standard portion of an adult. Eat 1-2 boiled eggs per day. A prerequisite is the absence of salt in dishes and sugar in coffee and tea.

Japanese diet salt

The diet algorithm is designed in such a way that the body must rebuild its metabolism. Meals do not contain any carbohydrates. By consuming proteins, fats, spending energy during everyday worries, a person begins to look for alternative resources. Then there is a process of splitting fats, which were accumulated just for such a case. In two weeks of restructuring, the body completely changes its internal systems, a new mechanism for metabolic processes begins to form. Due to the most serious stress, such a diet can be dangerous for some categories of the population. The ban includes pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with chronic diseases. In any case, you should consult your doctor before taking this step.

japanese baked chicken

The diet, though monotonous, but quite nutritious. And if you really don’t want to starve, then the Japanese diet for 14 days will suit you, the reviews of those who have gone through it are often positive. If you subsequently adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, or use separate meals in the diet, play sports, then the weight will not return for many years. Often, doctors do not recommend using this method of losing weight due to the fact that the body does not receive many components for normal functioning. For those who find it difficult to comply with such a strict regimen, there is an easier option - this is the Japanese diet for 13 days. In addition to reducing by one day, a small amount of salt is acceptable here. The main list of products and their combination are the same, the result is also quite good.