Maggi diet

eggs and grapefruit for the maggi diet

The Maggi diet is very tough and effective, we have compiled a menu in the tables for a diet for 4 weeks, but it can be used every day. Only the most persistent women can sit on such a diet, but according to many, the result is worth it.

Looking like a queen is every woman's dream. But it’s one thing to dream while lying on the couch, and another, having undergone theoretical training, to begin a practice called the Maggi diet. The nutrition program is named after the "iron lady", not bouillon cubes.

The dietary menu was specially designed on the eve of the parliamentary elections, which Margaret Thatcher intended to win, which she actually did. This legend was invented by journalists, or it took place, it is difficult to say.

The essence of the diet

The Maggi diet, which the Prime Minister of Great Britain lost weight, can be used infrequently, at most once a year. Subject to all the recommendations, everyone can lose up to 10 kg of excess weight in 2 weeks. A low-calorie diet menu is also called protein or egg.

Why was the chicken egg taken as the basis of the diet? After all, this is an overgrown egg, from which a full-fledged living organism can develop, contains all the components for this. With one such formation, the body receives a hundred calories, and they are concentrated, for the most part, in the yolk and their absorption depends on the cooking time.

It takes 2 hours for the body to digest soft-boiled eggs, and 3 hours for hard-boiled eggs. In addition, the Maggi diet includes foods that simultaneously give saturation and allow you to lose weight.

Menu for 4 weeks

Maggi's diet program is based on citrus fruits and eggs. Their number can be arbitrary if there are no restrictions. Breakfast is an obligatory part of the program. It includes: citrus, 2 hard boiled eggs, coffee, tea.

The Maggi diet is designed for a month. The first two weeks are strictly regulated, the last two weeks consist of products, the consumption of which can be carried out in any order and quantity.

Week 1

Dinner Dinner
one Fruit Day (single-component). The quantity is arbitrary. Meat dish.
2 Hen. One-component vegetable salad: carrot, cucumber or tomato, 2 hard-boiled eggs, citrus, toast.
3 Toast, tomatoes and cheese. Meat.
4 Fruit day one-component in any quantity. Vegetable salad, meat dish.
5 Vegetables and 2 hard boiled eggs. Vegetable salad, citrus, fish dish.
6 Fruit day. Vegetable salad and meat dish.
7 Chicken, vegetables, citrus. Vegetables.

Week 2

Dinner Dinner
one Lettuce, meat dish One vegetable salad, 2 eggs, citrus.
2 Fresh vegetable salad, meat dish. 2 eggs, citrus.
3 Fresh vegetable salad, meat dish. 2 soft-boiled eggs, citrus.
4 Vegetables, 2 eggs, low-fat cheese. 2 eggs
5 Fish. 2 eggs.
6 Meat (any amount), tomatoes, citrus. Various fruits.
7 Chicken, vegetables, tomatoes, citrus. Lunch repeat.

Week 3

one Fruit day. Fruits in any quantity.
2 Vegetable day.
3 Mixed day: fruits + vegetables.
4 Fish, cooked vegetables, fresh leaf lettuce, cabbage.
5 Meat and cooked vegetable dishes.
6 Fruit day without limit in quantity.
7 Saturday menu repeat or fruit day.

Week 4

one ¼ chicken, tuna, cucumber (4), tomatoes (4), citrus.
2 Meat, cucumber (4), tomatoes (4), toast, fruit.
3 Cottage cheese or cheese (st. L. ), vegetables, cucumber (2), tomatoes (2), citrus.
4 ½ chicken, cucumber (1), tomatoes (3), toast, citrus.
5 2 eggs, lettuce, tomatoes (3), citrus.
6 Cottage cheese (125 g), chicken breasts (2), a glass of curdled milk, tomatoes (2), cucumber (2), toast, citrus.
7 Curd (tbsp), tuna, cooked vegetables, tomatoes (2), cucumber (2), toast, citrus.

If someone is not able to eat so many eggs in 4 weeks, he can safely replace them with cottage cheese, or rather, instead of 2 eggs, eat 200 g of fat-free cottage cheese. Many who have experienced Maggi's protein menu on themselves consider its curd variety to be a more benign option. Just do not forget that cottage cheese is a perishable product and, unlike eggs, you should always buy it fresh so as not to harm yourself.

One group of people who are losing weight on the Maggi diet give it only pluses, others rate its effectiveness as a weak deuce. In the first, centimeters and kilograms melt, appetite decreases, the volume of the stomach decreases, the satiety of the menu and its availability pleases, as well as the mass of vitamin products.

Those who speak negatively about the protein nutrition program, all 4 weeks faced severe gas formation, dizziness, constipation, stomach problems, nausea, which may indicate health problems.

Harm diet

All protein diets are met with a negative attitude from doctors. They believe that with such nutrition there are no guarantees that gastroenterological problems will not begin in the form of exacerbations of the pancreas, kidneys, liver and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Some believe that the menu for the last two weeks was not compiled by nutritionists at all, and can be a health hazard. The Maggi Diet was developed at the Mayo Clinic in 1979. Since that time, many approaches to nutrition have changed, and the Mayo Clinic itself today offers other options for diet programs.

The Maggi diet is designed for those who are the owners of an ideal physical condition, which cannot be said about people who are overweight. The mucous membrane of the stomach, as well as the pancreas, receive a serious blow to themselves due to the menu, which contains spices, fruit acids, indigestible fiber and proteins.

Who has frequent constipation with the Maggi diet, the condition may worsen. The downside of this diet is the excessive formation of gas products and bloating as a result of this. Nails, skin and hair can suffer due to insufficient intake of fats and glucose.

Consulting with a doctor who is aware of your gastrointestinal problems will be the right decision. Only a doctor will be able to objectively assess the capabilities of a particular organism before such a test for him, no matter how good the goals set may be.

Way out of the Maggi diet

The finish should be done carefully without overloading with fatty and sweet foods. The menu should be diversified, but gradually. During the week, you can afford only 2-3 eggs. Leave the grapefruit for tomorrow and its total amount will have to be reduced. A few teaspoons of honey will come in handy. For mood, you should add a little sugar to coffee and tea. The number of vegetables can also not be reduced. It is impossible to delay a protein diet for a period longer than 4 weeks.

In the process of following a protein diet and after leaving it, listen to yourself. Discomfort may signal that the Maggi diet is not right for you. The solution can be sports for fun and a menu that includes balanced healthy food. After all, everyone has the right to choose the best for themselves.