Drying or ketone diet for weight loss: how to use the nutrition method correctly

fatty foods for a ketogenic diet

It is no secret that any excesses on the menu are harmful to health and figure. Therefore, diets that limit the calorie content of the diet are considered very effective and in demand. However, you can make a figure slimmer without "losses" for muscle relief with the help of very nutritious foods. The ketone diet involves eating foods rich in fat, so that your own "reserves" of this substance will rapidly disappear.

Nutritionists distinguish three main types of nutrition, which vary in duration. They can be cyclical or strictly limited in time. Both beginners and experienced bodybuilders can stick to keto nutrition, it is enough to choose the type that is right for you. To do this, analyze your lifestyle: how often do you play sports, what kind of work do you have, how much do you move per day.

If you've never been on a keto diet, it's best to start with the standard look. The basic diet is the simplest of the three and is not hard to follow.

Basic principles of the ketone diet

The "innovative" method of fighting for harmony, which contradicts many dietary stereotypes, was introduced to the public almost a hundred years ago. At that time, it was considered to be healing and was prescribed to patients with epilepsy as the only effective remedy. True, with a "side" effect - weight loss.

Today, building a diet on the principle of "destroy like like like" is gaining more and more fans, since losing weight on meat and cheese is much tastier than on unleavened cereals and raw vegetables.

foods for the ketogenic diet

natural chemistry

Contrary to the seeming "permissiveness", the ketone diet is of the "stress" type. It involves a tangible ban on the intake of carbohydrates, a reduction in protein and an increase in lipids. But such conditions are necessary to stimulate special chemical processes, as a result of which one's own fatty tissue will decrease.

With an excess of dietary fat during the diet, the liver will begin to produce ketones, which enter the bloodstream and are carried throughout the body. Cells begin to use them to replenish energy needs.

And thus, ketosis "sends into the furnace" all available fat accumulations. In fact, during a diet, the body stops using the missing carbohydrates or proteins as the main resource for life support and learns to "get food" from other available places.

However, any diets and "games" with a change in metabolic processes should be carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor. This is important because ketones are the same "acetone" that rises in children with excessive stress on the body (physical, emotional or nutritional). He also talks about the beginning of dehydration or exhaustion, therefore, requires constant evaluation and, if necessary, rapid correction of the condition.

Nutritional difficulties

Choosing this method of losing weight, you need to be prepared for the difficulties that will accompany adaptation when switching to a ketogenic diet. Since the adult's own reserves of glucose are only enough for a day, the first manifestations of a "fatty" diet will appear on the second day of the diet.

Most often, there are states of slight malaise, which are manifested by weakness and irritability. They will not require correction and will disappear on their own after "getting used to" the new diet in a day or two. However, with poor tolerance, more dangerous signs may occur. They will be a signal to stop the ketone diet and seek immediate medical attention. It is not worth risking your health when such conditions appear:

  • signs of intoxication - nausea, vomiting or loss of consciousness;
  • allergic reactions - rash, swelling or difficulty breathing;
  • violation of the work of organs - soreness in the abdomen or back.

This type of nutrition is completely contraindicated for people suffering from any digestive disorder, or with metabolic disorders. That is, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or diabetes mellitus, the ketogenic diet poses a real threat.

The appearance of the smell of "acetone" from the mouth during the ketone diet is considered a variant of the norm. It smells like apple cider or vinegar and has nothing to do with the chemical counterpart found in nail polish remover.

How to replace glucose

It is no coincidence that the process of increasing fat in the diet was used to improve the functioning of the nervous system and brain. The fact is that ketones and lipid products have a more powerful effect on stimulating the activity of the central nervous system than glucose, since they are better absorbed. Therefore, mental activity during the ketone diet will not suffer.

Throughout the course of losing weight, the basis of the menu will have to be made up of products consisting of the correct vegetable and animal fats. This will create a basis for the production of ketones in the required volume. And in order for the reduction in the size of the figure to concern only problem areas, the diet will need to be supplemented with proteins. They "leave" to maintain muscle tone, without affecting the overall process of losing weight.

vegetable salad for ketogenic diet

Unlike low-carbohydrate diets, the ketogenic diet allows the use of fiber only to normalize digestion. Therefore, the daily amount of "pure" carbohydrates should not exceed 30 - 50 g, which is equivalent to almost 200 g of vegetable products. There should be no other sources of glucose during such a diet.

Sample menu for women

Most experts agree that the duration of the ketone diet to combat excess weight should not exceed ten days. At this time, women are allowed to use the following products without restriction:

  • fatty meats and fish;
  • seafood;
  • lard in any form with and without a meat layer;
  • chicken eggs;
  • soft and fatty cheeses;
  • homemade sour cream, fermented baked milk and yogurt;
  • butter and vegetable, cold pressed.

In addition, for the safe removal of ketones from the body during the diet, you will have to drink a lot of pure non-carbonated water. It will be possible to supplement the diet with plant components. However, with the condition that their nutritional value will not exceed the daily intake of carbohydrates. During the ketone diet are allowed:

  • avocado;
  • champignons and other fresh mushrooms;
  • leafy vegetables;
  • greenery.

It will be necessary to completely exclude from the diet of the diet all "unhealthy" dishes and their components. The ban applies not only to products containing fast and other carbohydrates, but also to all provisions, which include preservatives, trans fats, flavor enhancers and other unhealthy components. I. e:

  • sugar and all its substitutes;
  • flour and pasta;
  • cereals and cereals;
  • starchy vegetables and root vegetables;
  • fruits and dried fruits;
  • shop sauces and juices;
  • refined oils, margarine and spread;
  • whole milk, kefir and low-fat dairy products.

Proper Diet

Only a nutritionist can accurately draw up a nutrition plan from the components allowed during the ketone diet at an in-person consultation. This is due to the individual tolerance of certain products, as well as the results that you want to achieve. The ketone menu is considered traditional, in which the combination of fats and proteins looks like 70%: 30%.

The recommended products can be consumed on their own or prepared multi-component dishes based on them. It is allowed to dress salads with homemade (natural) mayonnaise or lemon juice. But frying or deep-frying is best avoided.

One day on a ketone diet might look like this:

  • breakfast - scrambled eggs with bacon;
  • lunch - a large pork steak with broth and herbs;
  • afternoon snack - a cup of hot drink with a piece of cheese;
  • dinner - seafood and lettuce salad dressed with sour cream.
fish and vegetables for a ketogenic diet

Tea and coffee can be drunk during main meals or in between. But definitely without sugar and other additives.

Weight Loss Results on the Ketogenic Diet

In general, adhering to a diet rich in fats can significantly improve the parameters of the figure. Some athletes use the ketogenic diet, formulated and approved by experts, for "drying", as it effectively burns subcutaneous fat, revealing a beautiful muscle pattern.

However, the reviews of "ordinary" people who have tried to lose weight in this way are contradictory. Some were able to lose about two kilograms per week, while others, on the contrary, recovered. Among the positive aspects, they noted the absence of hunger and improved skin condition. But the main complaint was a violation of the chair and, in some cases, serious problems with digestion.

A diet based on stimulating the appearance of ketones is a rather difficult and risky way to deal with excess weight. It should be resorted to only under the clear and constant supervision of a doctor, since not only the effectiveness of the ketone diet itself, but also the state of health after its completion will depend on this.