How much weight can you lose in a month

Excess weight is a very serious problem that has a negative impact on the human body. Affecting not only appearance, but also health, it does not allow obese people to exist normally in society, build their personal lives, and play their favorite sports. The problem of excess weight is especially noticeable for athletes, people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, and diabetics. Ordinary people are not immune from excess weight, so it is very important to know how much it can be lost in a month and what needs to be done for this.

How much weight can you lose in a month

Many people are interested in how many kg you can lose weight in 1 month. There is no definite answer to this question - the number of kilograms dropped depends on which of the following methods for losing excess weight was chosen:

waist measurement and slim figure after losing weight in a month

How to lose weight fast

  • Weight loss without physical activity on a vegetarian diet - such a complete rejection of any meat and eating only vegetables and fruits allows you to lose up to 2-3 kg per week, which at the end of the month will lead to a weight loss of 10-15 kg.
  • Protein diet with physical activity - this short 7-day diet, necessarily combined with physical activity, including 5-6 meals a day with high-protein foods, vegetable salads, fresh fruits, allows you to lose up to 7-10 kg of excess weight. A feature of this diet is that it can not be used for more than a week.
  • Daily half-hour jogging - if you run for at least 30 minutes every day, this will lead to the burning of 40-50 g of fat per day, this is 1-1. 5 kg per month. This method of weight loss is suitable for people who have only a few extra pounds and do not want to burden themselves with diets and going to the gym.
  • Great physical activity, along with a balanced diet - with a normal three meals a day and periodic training (2-3 times a week), up to 1. 5-2 kg of fat per month is burned. At the same time, flour products, carbonated and alcoholic drinks should be excluded from the diet.

Important!Weight loss is necessary only for people who are overweight and have a body mass index of more than 25. For others, such a procedure will cause serious harm to health, cause dysfunction of the digestive, urinary, cardiovascular systems, and affect the psycho-emotional state of a person. In the most severe cases, fat burning by a normal weight person can cause muscle loss and malnutrition.

Is it possible to lose 14 kilograms

How much can you lose if losing weight is safe for health? Many people want to know how to lose 14 kg in a month. What is the magical meaning of the number "14" is not clear, but such excess weight can be lost not only in a month, but in a shorter period (10 days). With such a diet, the diet consists of the following products:

  • The first 2 days - 200-250 g of tomato juice, 20-25 g of black (rye bread), 1 liter of bifidokefir with a fat content of 1. 5%;
  • The next 2 days (3-4 days) - natural insoluble coffee with 1. 5% fat milk and a spoonful of honey (in the morning); 200 g of chicken broth with herbs and carrots, 2 tablespoons of canned green peas (for lunch); 150 g of boiled chicken breast taken out of the broth (dinner).
  • Day 5-6 - 2 apples and 2 oranges (early in the morning and between lunch and dinner); a plate (200-250 g) of vegetable soup (lunch); 200-250 g of vegetable salad in vegetable oil;
  • Day 7 - 1 liter of bifidocyfir with a fat content of 1. 5% for the whole day in 3 divided doses (early morning, afternoon and evening).

With such a diet, you can also drink green tea without sugar, clean drinking water with the addition of lemon juice, ginger, a small amount of honey.

Important!Before you decide to lose 14 kg per month, you should consult a specialist - perhaps such a sharp decrease in body weight will negatively affect your health.

If you don't eat for a month

When losing weight, in some cases it is very useful to refuse dinner, replacing it with a light evening snack. At the same time, such a meal schedule has the following advantages:

vegetables for weight loss
  • Improving sleep and fighting insomnia - with a late and heavy dinner, often occurring heaviness in the stomach can cause sleep disturbance or insomnia. It is easier for the body not loaded with dinner to go into a state of sound and healthy sleep.
  • Normalization of the regime - thanks to healthy sleep and the absence of insomnia.
  • Reducing the amount of deposited body fat - every calorie consumed with dinner is not consumed and will inevitably be transformed into body fat. Refusing dinner, such a problem disappears by itself.
  • Improving appetite - if you do not have dinner in the evening, your appetite in the morning will be excellent.

The most important result of skipping dinner is weight loss. So, according to various experts and specialists, excluding dinner from the meal schedule allows you to lose from 1. 5-2 kg (girl or woman) to 3. 5-4 kg (man). At the same time, how much a person will lose weight is affected by his physique: more full and obese people will lose weight much faster than those who have a normal or thin physique and a little overweight.

Refusal of dinner can be used as an effective tool for losing weight for 1-2 months. The possible harm of a longer evening fast (6 months to a year or more) is a high risk of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Important!By entering the query "safe weight loss how much per month" into a search engine, you can find many different answers to it - from 2-3 to 20 kg. From a purely medical point of view, a safe weight loss per month should not exceed 4 kg (no more than 1 kg per week).

Monthly exercise program

On a note.A monthly weight loss program is a set of physical exercises, which, together with a diet and adherence to a regimen, should ensure the maximum reduction in excess weight, cleansing and healing of the whole body.

For men, the weight loss training program includes exercises repeated over 4 weeks, such as:

  • On day 1, strength exercises are performed - bench press and lifting of 8 kg dumbbells, running on the track;
  • On the 2nd day, a set of exercises is performed aimed at hardening the body, strengthening the cardiovascular system (aerobic exercise) - swimming, jogging over rough terrain;
  • Day 3 - squats, leg raises, barbell squats, leg press;
  • Day 4 is devoted to such aerobic activities as swimming, jogging;
  • On day 5, a set of exercises is performed to strengthen and develop the muscles of the back, the press;
  • Day 6 is devoted to swimming, short runs;
  • Day 7 rest and recuperate.

Important!Each strength exercise should be performed a certain number of times and approaches. An increase in load can lead to sprains and ruptures of ligaments, excessive overwork of the body, clogging of muscles. After such excessive and excessively hard training, the body will recover for a very long time.

The training program for women is more gentle - it is based on exercises with light weights, squats, and abdominal exercises. In women's weight loss training programs there are no exercises with large weights and serious power loads.

jumping rope for weight loss

Each workout (male or female) begins and ends with a 20-30-minute special set of exercises to strengthen and develop the cardiovascular system (cardio): swimming, running on a treadmill, a short run around the hall or street, squatting without weight, jumpingin place or jump rope.

Important!The weight loss program for a month at home includes simple exercises with dumbbells, push-ups, abs. Such workouts begin with a minimum number of approaches and the number of exercises per approach, gradually increasing to a reasonable limit.

How to eat during the month

When losing weight, nutrition (PP diet - the right diet for weight loss), which, along with physical activity, plays a very important role, should consist of the following products:

  • Vegetables and fruits, as well as salads from them;
  • Boiled chicken breast;
  • Chicken bouillon;
  • Low-fat types of fish (hake, pollock);
  • Low-fat dairy products (kefir, fermented baked milk, milk, yoghurts and yoghurt drinks);
  • Kashi (barley, oatmeal, rice).

On a note.At the same time, you should not eat foods containing a lot of carbohydrates (flour products, sweets), preservatives and other additives harmful to the body.

Schedule and weight loss plan

In order to lose weight, you need a weight loss plan and schedule. The first includes the class schedule and diet, the second - the dynamics of weight loss built on the basis of the plan for months in the form of a diary.

The most simple, but at the same time effective weight loss plan includes:

  • Balanced three meals a day - hearty breakfast, hot lunch, light and early dinner;
  • Physical training - in order for the diet to be effective, it must be strengthened by constant physical activity: you need to do exercises, go to the gym. If there is no opportunity or time for this, you can just run and do daily morning exercises. At the same time, the best time for jogging is the evening. In the summer, all workouts and physical activities are best done outdoors, in cold weather it is better to transfer them to the house or sign up for a gym.
  • Compliance with the regime - daily going to bed at 22. 00 and getting up at 7. 00;
  • Constant weight control is a simple procedure for monitoring the dynamics of weight loss and assessing the effectiveness of diet and exercise. In order to find out the most accurate and correct weight, simple and inexpensive floor electronic scales are needed.
  • Health care - a healthy body will be more inclined to get rid of excess weight than a weakened and unhardened one. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the state of health: to prevent colds, to drink vitamins and vitamin complexes in spring and autumn, to periodically undergo examinations.

In addition to everything described above, in order to get a real result - a beautiful and slender body, you need dedication, perseverance and considerable willpower, which not every person possesses.