Kefir diet - for 3 and 7 days

a glass of yogurt for weight loss

How to lose weight with kefir in seven days and look like a star?

This is possible with the famous kefir diet. In addition, this option is not harmful to health, it will not make you suffer from hunger. The Effective Diet has gained fame as an effective and harmless diet, which is often used by popular artists.

Today, more and more women are thinking about their own appearance in order to attract the attention of men. But, as you know, sometimes throwing extra pounds is not so easy. Do not despair, you just need to be more patient and go to the end!

Kefir is an easily accessible food product found on the table of most people. It is the result of the activity of boiling some genera of mushrooms in whole or skimmed milk. These include yeast and sour milk sticks.

The main rule of the power system

The kefir diet assumes that the main product for the next seven days will naturally be kefir. It seems that it is difficult to consume one fermented milk product for a week. However, practice shows that kefir satisfies hunger, cleanses the intestines, delivers vitamins and trace elements to the body, besides, the diet includes fruits, boiled and fresh vegetables, chicken meat.

How to choose high-quality kefir

kefir for weight loss

No one doubts the fact that kefir is useful. But, in addition to kefir, the so-called kefir product is increasingly appearing on store shelves. How do they differ?

Differences between kefir and kefir product

Real kefir is made from milk and sourdough using only kefir fungi, which contain about 20 different microorganisms: lactic streptococci and bacilli, yeast, acetic acid bacteria, etc. Milk for the production of kefir first undergoes heat treatment - pasteurization at a temperature of 90-95 C for five minutes. Kefir refers to such complex products, where two fermentations take place - lactic acid and alcohol. This results in a unique yeasty taste and smell. Real kefir should not contain milk powder. The shelf life of "live" kefir cannot exceed two weeks, and the content of lactic acid bacteria in it at the beginning and at the end is strictly normalized - at least 10 to the 7th degree.

For the preparation of a kefir product, a starter of lactic acid bacteria of direct introduction and yeast are used. There are no special requirements for its composition and content of microorganisms; the presence of milk powder, stabilizers, etc. is allowed. Kefir product, unlike kefir, is often subjected to heat treatment (to extend the shelf life up to 20 days), and this, as you know, kills all beneficial microorganisms.

Kefir and kefir product also affect the body in different ways. Lactic acid bacteria found in real kefir stimulate the production of beta-globulin, a blood protein that strengthens the immune system. And the yeast starter of the kefir product negatively affects the intestinal microflora. It does not contain lactic acid, but only acetic acid. Needless to say, real kefir is much healthier.

How to buy a quality fermented milk product

To choose high-quality kefir on store shelves, you need to follow a few simple rules.

  • Firstly, the quality of kefir can be determined by its consistency: it must be homogeneous and viscous. But in order to see the consistency of the product even at the stage of choosing in the store, you need to look for kefir in a transparent package. If kefir is shaken, it should remain homogeneous. If lumps and flakes are observed in the product, it means that kefir was either stored incorrectly, or the production technology was violated, or it has already begun to deteriorate. You should not take kefir, on the surface of which there is whey - such a product has fermented.
  • Secondly, pay attention to the release date. From this point on, kefir remains useful for 7-10 days, and after that all beneficial bacteria die. Kefir becomes not only useless, but also dangerous. If you see on the package. that the shelf life of kefir is more than 10 days, which means that during its production it was not without preservatives.
  • Thirdly, protein in kefir should be at least 3%. If less, then this is not kefir, but a kefir drink. Kefir differs in percentage of fat: 0%. 1%, 2. 5%, 3. 2%. What is the most useful product? As a rule, fat-free kefir is bought by those who are struggling with being overweight. It is low-calorie - only about 30 kcal. But in such kefir, fat-soluble vitamin A is not preserved, that is, it is of little use for health. Therefore, for people on a kefir diet, it is best to buy 1% fat kefir. It is not much more caloric (40 kcal), but it contains vitamin A. Such kefir is good for health and will help to lose weight. Kefir with a fat content of 2. 5 and 3. 2% has more calories (53 and 59 kcal, respectively), but it also contains more vitamin A. Here the choice is yours.

Kefir diet rules

  • Kefir diet is a restriction in the water-drinking regimen. Drinking liquid per day (except kefir) - 0. 5 l of purified water.
  • It is recommended to take herbal preparations at this time: chamomile, St. John's wort, currant leaves, linden, lingonberries, etc.
  • The exit from the diet is smooth, it is impossible to abruptly switch to hard-to-digest food.
  • Before a diet, it is advisable to do a cleansing enema or arrange a fasting day. Cleansing teas with a laxative effect are also suitable.
  • Distribute the diet of kefir and other products on a diet into 5-6 meals per day.
  • About kefir: for a diet, choose a low-fat or 1% product.

Menu for 7 days - option 1

  • 1 - day: 0. 5 liters of kefir, boiled breast without salt - 400 g, lettuce.
  • 2 - day: 0. 5 kefir, boiled "in uniform" potatoes - 400 g.
  • 3 - day: 0. 5 kefir fruits - 400 g.
  • 4 - day: 0. 5 yogurt, fat-free cottage cheese - 400 g, you can with herbs and a spoonful of low-fat sour cream.
  • 5 - day: 0. 5 kefir, fruit - 400 g.
  • 6 - day: drink 1. 5 liters of non-carbonated water per day.
  • 7 - day: 0. 5 kefir and fruits - 400 g.

Menu for 7 days - option 2

How to choose the right kefir

Its main advantage is the presence of live cultures of microorganisms, which provides a high value. However, not any kefir can be used as the main ingredient for weight loss using a 7-day kefir diet. BIO kefir is not suitable for this, since in its production additional preparations are used that affect the life expectancy and activity of bacteria passing through the human body.

A kefir diet based on this drink should consist of a product with a fat content of 1%. In terms of the content of useful properties, it is not inferior to the standard 2. 5% kefir, but it has a lower concentration of calories and lipids. The energy value of 200 ml of such a drink is about 80 kcal.

Weekly regimen

This nutrition program, subject to all conditions, will allow you to get rid of 3-5 extra pounds. The diet should include baked potatoes, low-fat cottage cheese, fruits, meat and exclude any fatty foods.


  • Day 1 - 400 ml of kefir, boiled potatoes up to 400 g.
  • Day 2 - 0. 6 l of kefir, cottage cheese - 400 g.
  • Day 3 - half a liter of kefir, citruses - 500 g.
  • Day 4 - 400 ml of kefir, boiled chicken breast - 400 g.
  • Day 5 - 400 ml of kefir, fruits - 500 g.
  • Day 6 - 2 liters of mineral water.
  • Day 7 - 0. 5 l of kefir, citrus.

The indicated amount of food should not be consumed at one time, but throughout the day.


  • Proper nutrition. Within a month from the start of the kefir diet, follow a healthy diet.
  • Compliance with the drinking regime. Water intake should be reduced and replaced with fruits. Ordinary tea should be replaced with herbal tea made from chamomile, calendula, hawthorn or other herbs.
  • Doing physical training. During the weight loss program, take care of yourself: prepare a series of physical exercises that you can do during the day, take an active walk with your pet, do morning exercises.
  • Weight control. Before starting the course, you must weigh yourself to find out the exact weight. When finished, check the results.

After completing the course, do not forget about a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The desired weight should match the habits.


In practice, those who have experienced this diet are told that it is better to repeat it in a month to consolidate the effect. Importantly, do not lean on food at the end. Switch to a normal diet: no fried, sweet, starchy foods.

Try it, and soon you will be showered with compliments about your flawless figure.

Buckwheat-kefir diet

The biggest advantage of the buckwheat-kefir diet is its ease of preparation and low cost. Its beneficial properties help cleanse the body and support your proper nutrition. Let's move on to the most important thing - the recipe.


To prepare porridge, you will need 1 cup of buckwheat. In the evening, pour boiling water over it and leave it to stand for the whole night. You don't need to cook buckwheat. In the morning, after draining the water from the glass, the porridge will be ready for consumption, which you need to eat during the day. Salt, add spices and sauces can not be. Instead of water, you can pour 1% kefir into cereals, but it is worth remembering that you can consume no more than 1 liter of kefir for the whole day. You can drink: simple and non-carbonated mineral water in unlimited quantities, tea and coffee - a small amount and without sugar.

In case of discomfort due to the monotony of food, you can eat a couple of vegetables or fruits per day. But this is undesirable.

It is necessary to refrain from eating before going to bed for 3-4 hours, but if the hunger is strong and debilitating, then you can afford to drink a glass of kefir, which should be mixed with water (proportion 1: 1).

Throughout the diet, it is better to drink additional multivitamins. The diet lasts only 7 days. It will be possible to carry out this diet again in a month. Lose weight, eat right and be forever beautiful!

Winter kefir diet

In winter, on the eve of the New Year holidays, we want to get rid of a few extra centimeters at the waist and hips. It is vitally important for us to lose weight, because right now the period of reincarnation and charm is coming. You can charm everyone with your figure and fit into a tight-fitting outfit that emphasizes all your advantages, but for this you should work a little.

Winter kefir diet is what you need. It is recommended to follow such a diet for no more than three days, and it is allowed to repeat it no more than once a month. If you need a tangible result, then start losing weight a few days before the big day.

How much can you drop

How much weight you lose depends on the individual characteristics of your body. On average, on such a diet, you can lose about three kilograms.

If this method of losing weight is acceptable to you, then you can safely start the winter kefir diet.

Meal plan

So, how do you need to eat during these three days?
All three days are similar, one might even say similar to each other, and for this you will need a minimum of products, effort and time.


For breakfast, drink a cup of weak coffee with the addition of low-fat milk, eat an omelet and a saucer of salad made from sauerkraut. If you do not like these products, then breakfast can be changed with similar products. In case of individual intolerance, instead of coffee, drink a cup of green tea with honey, it is permissible to eat a small slice of gray or black bread with butter, respectively, in moderation, you can eat a boiled egg and a plate of semolina porridge.

afternoon tea

In the afternoon, it is recommended to drink a glass of low-fat kefir or replace it with a fresh apple, or one slice of low-fat hard cheese.


At dinner, it is permissible to eat a plate of vinaigrette, thin chicken soup, one stewed carrot, a small piece of gray or wholemeal bread. You can replace such a diet with mushroom soup, no more than 100-150 grams of low-fat stew with the addition of fresh cabbage.


For an early dinner or as it is also called lunch, it is recommended to eat a couple of baked apples without sugar in the oven or drink one glass of a cocktail made from fruits and kefir.


In the evening for dinner, but no later than 18. 00, you can drink a cup of weak tea, eat fried in vegetable oil or baked fish and potatoes, also from the oven, it is better if he is in his uniform.

You can replace such a dinner with a cup of tea with a spoonful of honey, carrot casserole cooked in the oven with the obligatory addition of several prunes.

An hour before bedtime, you need to drink a glass, also low-fat kefir, or drink the same amount of skimmed milk, yogurt.

The diet provides for the constant presence of kefir in the diet. This will help the body to quickly get rid of slagging, toxins and waste products that have accumulated in your intestines during this time. At the end of the kefir diet, you will feel much better, it will seem to you that you are fluttering on the clouds, you will be light and airy, and most importantly, irresistibly beautiful!